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Season 1 - Episode 10

How to Find a Local Class

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Kira offers six helpful tips to finding a local yoga class that suits your needs. Put your heart in the right place and your attention into what it is you want, and the right class will find you.
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Jul 22, 2016
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(relaxing waves) So, at some point you might start to wonder about how to go about finding a local yoga class. Here are six ways that we suggest. One, follow your friends. So, if you happen to have friends or people you know that are already practicing yoga near you, follow them to class. It's just likely that within your tribe, you'll have similar ideas of what feels right or what you like or don't like and they'll be a good match.

Also, attending class with your friends makes it much more likely that you'll keep attending class. Two, if you don't happen to have friends that do yoga, then simply find a class that's at the convenient time and the right location for you. A lot about getting to class or practice is that it's just simply easy within your schedule. So, it's just likely that there's a class near you and at a time that works within your already existing schedule. Try attending here.

If you're not finding a match with where you happen to have landed to practice, then ask the teacher of that class where you should go. He or she won't be offended. They want you to find a practice that works for you. Tell them what you're looking for and most likely they can point you in the right direction. Sometimes studio classes can see prohibitively expensive.

Therefore, look for the intro specials. Most studios offer deals for new students. Seek these out, take advantage of as many as you can possibly find. Also, sometimes you can find classes at alternative situations, like in community centers or local churches, or chiropractic offices and such. Look for these spaces as often they're offered at a price point lower than a studio class.

Now, of course, you can use tools like Google and Yelp to help you find out where to go. These can be super reliable and useful. And yet, really there's nothing better than a one-on-one recommendation. Like, if you can ask a friend, ask someone you know, ask somebody you trust, it's just likely that you'll end up in the right place. The sixth tip to finding a local class for you is that you desire one strongly enough.

The truth is, is that if you really, truly want to find a local yoga class, one will find you. So, put your heart in the right place. Put your attention to what it is you want and guess what, it will show up.


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