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Season 3 - Episode 3

Sweet Wake Up

45 min - Practice


Lesley guides us in a sweet morning flow to warm and wake up the body from the inside out. Moving with our breath, we will quickly generate heat through a creative sequence of Surya Namaskars (Sun Salutations), standing and seated shapes, and backbends. This practice results in feeling refreshed.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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(waves lapping) So good morning. This is your wake-up flow. I like to practice in the morning. Someone once said to me that the morning time is the time of sweetness in the world, wher...


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Thank you Lesley for this fun and energetic morning sequence. I loved starting my day with this flow.
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Thank you for your beautiful energy. I loved this practice. I also love your yoga pants!! What brand are they?

Toni xx
Thank you, Grace! I am so happy that you enjoyed the practice.
Hi Toni -
Thank you for the beautiful comment! We have more Season 3 videos coming up this week!


xoxo, Lesley
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I too enjoyed the class......, and wanna know the brand name of the yoga leggings!
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Namaste, Lesley xo Thank you for this lovely sequence. So nice to hear your voice leading us through the poses.
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What a great flow to start the day. Thank you Lesley!❤️
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That was such a wonderful way to start my day - thank you so much Lesley!
Thank you, Elliotte! xoxo
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Love this beautiful morning practice.
Perfect way to start the day!
Thank you Lesley
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