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Mother Tongue Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Sounding the Consonants

25 min - Tutorial


Be brave and begin to allow your mouth to sound the 25 consonants of Sanskrit. Building off our earlier lessons of the 5 points of the mouth, Anuradha guides us to understand the play of breath and touch to create the vibrations. The result is a wonderful massage for the brain and the quietude of Truth.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Dec 19, 2014
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DhanyavAdah for this wonderful production on Sanskrit as a source of upliftment and enlightenment.

(Title should read ‘Sounding the Consonants’, not Consanants’.)

Thanks for the spelling correction and glad you're enjoying this series.
Wim, you are on it! Grateful. xok
Thank you Wim for your encouraging comments and for your valuable suggestions to help us achieve greater perfection in our show :)
Reaching the moment of sounding all the consonants as they move through the vocal system was very satisfying and enjoyable. Thank you for this lesson.
Great to have you as a co-traveller on this journey of Sanskrit sounds. Every letter is SO FULL that you if you close your eyes and say them, you can almost taste the sounds and get nourished on all levels of your being:)
Namaste Anuradha-ji, Thank you for your wonderful videos. They are very enlightening. I may have overlooked something but I do not see the last string of consonants- Sa, Ha, Ra, La, V, Sha, Ya, Va. Where are these listed or how are these categorized? do you have a video covering these?
Hi Anuradha Choudry . I'm so happy to get around to taking this course with you. I feel calm and awake. Thank you. Love.
Dear Lydia Zamorano, A real pleasure to have your on this course! Do share your thoughts and feedback! Love and light :)

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