The Self Care Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 8

Day 4: Use Your Energy Wisely

30 min - Practice


Welcome to Day 4! Inspired by Brahmacharya, or containment, we practice cultivating our inner resources—conserving our energy and noticing where we are focusing or leaking our energy. Lets take an honest account of how we spend our time and pay attention to our inner thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Together, we will draw our awareness inward and practice silence, tracking sensation in the body and noticing when an urge arises to speak, share, or express ourselves.

Your journaling assignment for today is attached below, as well as a copy of the Chant Call and Response.

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What You'll Need: No props needed

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Worries worries worries........biggest leak for me~
I FEEEEEL this, Astrid! Beautiful work!
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Energy thieves - It might a relaxed life, after the deletion all of them out of my life. I always take your challenges with me into my week, therefore I watch only once a week your challenges. I will contemplate at the end of the next days, about the energy thieves in my days. During the last years I tried to avoid being together with people they took my energy.
Silke, you touched a big truth here! Beautiful work. So happy to be in this together!
I like the idea of doing the practise once a week.... gives more time to simmer in the ideas.... I think I will try this and devote a day to actual silence in the next couple of days.... Thanks! I am enjoying this....

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