The Self Care Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 12

Day 8: Stay Curious

45 min - Practice


Welcome to Day 8! Inspired by Tapas, or self-disciple, lets connect with our sense of curiosity. Can we consider that we do not already know all there is to know about everything? Can we resist this natural temptation to make assumptions and therefore miss out on the sparkling radical beauty of our own lives? Our practice seeds itself, and invites us in deeper, but only if we keep showing up with a fresh and open mind and heart. This discipline, known as tapas, is radical self-care.

Your journaling assignment for today is attached below, as well as a copy of the Chant Call and Response.

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What You'll Need: Strap, Block (2)

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Nov 01, 2016
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I looooove this reminder of staying curious..really everywhere in life.. easily things can become "I already know how this is"...and the learning and attention seise. Thank you :)
I'm still not sure what I will choose to focus in the practice to "attend to just one thing".....
SO true, Astrid! I'm curious about what you choose! xo
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there is this big bird house ,in the back yard, that has been here way before we moved in a year ago...I will be paying attention to its activities daily and through the seasons!
I have this lovely tree in my back garden in Melbourne and I enjoy looking at it during all the seasons and the birds that live there. You're reminder about staying curious and keep learning is pivotal in my recovery and my journey of self discovery. Life is an open book- keep turning those pages. Namaste.
Yes! This self-care challenge has been a great reminder of how all things are practice. "Tending to 1 thing" is like the concept of a "sit spot," a practice that has (& continues to be) so powerful for me.

Thank you, Kelly, for bringing these ancient teachings into everyday life. xo
Such a beautiful sensory practice. I feel like all my senses have had a detox and everything looks, sounds, tastes, feels more real. Thank you so much!

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