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Season 1 - Episode 13

Day 9: Self Inquiry

40 min - Practice


Welcome to Day 9! Svadhaya, self study or self inquiry, has been the practice all along in our time together. Today we let ourselves dive in a little deeper to recognize and locate our patterns and stories that keep us from being truly present. We will turn upside down with simple inversions in our movement practice and let go of outdated ideas in our journaling. While we do not have a formal meditation practice today, allow your awareness to widen a little more to your daily life.

Your journaling assignment for today is attached below, as well as a copy of the Chant Call and Response.

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What You'll Need: Square Bolster, Blanket, Block (2)

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Glenford N
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Thanks Kelly. This course has really helped me in recovery and to confront old habits and patterns. Feel. Bless. Release. I'll be doing that a lot over the next few days. I can already feel a sense of peace as I now have the tools to let go of outdated ideas and become truly present. This sort of self inquiry is tough on the emotions but I'm becoming more self aware.
Kelly Sunrose
Thank YOU, Glenford! This is one of those practices I come back to over and over. It has helped me so many times! Happy you are here.
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Oooh. This is gonna be GOOD. I'm going to set aside some time when it feels right to sit outside in my yard, write down each story as it arises, and burn it. One by one. And I'll revisit said practice in the future whenever I feel another story arise that needs tending to. Thanks for this one, Kelly. An opportunity to appreciate process and practice a ritual.
Kelly Sunrose
I think this is one is sooooo satisfying, Jill and you're reminding me that it would feel really good to do it now. Keep me posted! I'm so happy you're doing this work. All goodness, Kelly

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