Yoga for Women's Health Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Pelvic Floor Health

30 min - Practice


Cheri, with the help of Elizabeth, shares an accessible practice for pelvic health and healing. We explore a blend of gentle movements and restorative poses to open and strengthen the pelvic floor—awakening the core, hips, and pelvic muscles. Cheri invites us to draw our attention and breath towards the pelvic floor, bringing blood flow, circulation, and vitality to this sacred area.
What You'll Need: Mat, Eye PIllow, Square Bolster, Blanket (3), Block


(waves crashing) Thanks for being here as we explore practices for pelvic health and healing. Today, Elizabeth's with me, and she's gonna be demonstrating the poses for you. Some reall...


Loved the first one, haven’t watched the others YET. I felt like Cheri was speaking directly to me with compassionate understanding.
Dear Barbara, It means so much to me that you felt compassionate understanding in this practice for pelvic floor heath, it is certainly my intention. I hope you'll try some of the other practices in this season. I look forward to being with you the mat. With love...
So wonderful to connect with my pelvic floor and yoni. Very sweet.
Hello Martha, I'm so glad through the practice you experienced the sweetness of connecting with your pelvic floor and yoni. It makes my heart happy to receive your message, thank you. Sending my love...
I feel fresh and breezy in my pelvic region.  Yummy!
Hi Phuong,  I'm sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your note, it's great to hear from you! We all need a little treat for our pelvic region from time to time. It's great to hear your experience from practicing this video! Lot's of love...

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