Peak Poses Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Learn Handstand

35 min - Practice


Being right on the edge is where growth occurs. Audra shares a progressive sequence that will build your confidence for going upside down in handstand. Moving step-by-step, we begin with abdominals and shoulder opening to tone and prepare the body. With the support of the wall, we find variations of handstand prep. We close with a sweet shoulder release and legs-up-the wall. You will feel strong, energized, and encouraged.
What You'll Need: Mat, Wall, Square Bolster, Block (2)

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Almost got the headstand a good preparation
For it have to be more brave .
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Your instruction & example were excellent. Best handstand practice ever for me. Thank you
Hi Peter and Lauri! I'm so glad that you both enjoyed this practice. Peter, the bravery comes with practice. Keep flexing the bravery muscle, you can do it. Lauri Best handstand practice ever!! That is fantastic. I can't wait to hear more.
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Yes it was really fun. I knew I had the strength but the confidence was missing. That is until you said fear is cheap you deserve more. Then I hopped right on up.
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woohoo! great sequencing toward handstand! I actually managed FOR THE FIRST TIME to hop both legs up and get a nanosecond hover with the bolster. Thank you!
Kate !
Kate !!! This is amazing to hear. Keep me posted on your progress. ❤️️
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Thank you SOOOOOO much; I just did my first handstand!! And even managed to hold it for 30 seconds in the air, rather than staying against the wall. Your wonderful tutorial, coupled with the security of a booster, got me past the fear that was holding me back from kicking all the way up (I knew I had the physical strength)
This made my morning Trudie !!! I am so stoked for you. Handstand is a fickle lover for some of us, especially at the beginning. Enjoy your new handstand practice!!!!!

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