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Season 1 - Episode 9

Follow God with your Gut

25 min - Talk


How do we discern truth in a world full of alternative facts? Dr. Robert Svoboda outlines our four primary methods of gaining knowledge and delves into Ayurveda's emphasis on maintaining a clean and simple diet as necessary for tuning our gut-brain which is essential for sensitive accurate intuition. A healthy gut, combined with a sincere heart, open mind and faith are essential in our pursuit of reality.
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Sep 04, 2017
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LOVE this 💜 This makes so much sense and makes clear to me why the current state of the world seems to be so "off". I've begun to implement Ayurveda in my own life, and have already noticed a dramatic change in the way I process my thoughts. It's the science of life, but it feels like magic!
Love love loved this! So good. Thank you!
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So thorough, eloquently put, as well as of great use on a practical level. As a Naturopath, the cornerstone of treatment is to "first, heal the gut" thank you for illuminating dimensions of how & why. Thank you.

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