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The Tantra Show

Tantra studies the universe through the human microcosm. In this series we will explore an introduction to some of the most common principles and practices of this ancient path through talks and meditation practices.

Season 1


Parthena R
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Thank you. I enjoy these~.
Anusha N
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Thank you Svoboda ji, gratitude _()_
Dave G
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I don't like to pick favorites but Dr Svoboda is the best !
Anusha N
when is the episode 13 coming up?
Kira Sloane
Dearest Anusha, the last episode of Season 1 is 12. There is no episode 13. Isn't Dr. Svoboda the best? You can see more episodes with Dr. Svoboda in the Prana Show. Happy New Year. xokira
Anusha N
Dear bhagini Kira, thank you. yes he is the best. would love to learn more from Svobodaji.
gratitude to Yogaanytime team _()_

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