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Season 2 - Episode 5

Mantra: Harih Om Tat Sat

10 min - Practice


Let the sounds connect you to the deepest truths of your being. Anuradha guides us in a sounding and chanting practice of Harih Om Tat Sat—the truth which removes obstacles.
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Welcome back friends. In our previous episodes we have been looking at the mantras, hamsa, soham, which corresponds to the experience of, I am that, that I am. In the next mantra today, we will look at a very similar idea and explore it in a different manner. So the mantra that we will look at is the mantra, harihi om tat sat. Say that, harihi om tat sat.

Now I would like to just draw your attention on the pronunciation of the two words, tat and sat. In the English speaking world, we tend to pronounce the t's as a hard t with the tip of your tongue behind the top of your, behind your top teeth at the gum of your upper teeth. But this particular sound is a more soft one. It happens when you place the, the flat of your, tip of your tongue lightly against the back of your tongue and the tip sticking out a little bit, tat, it's a much softer sound. And then sat.

The reason I am asking you to be a little more aware of the pronunciation of this sound is because we all know by now that every sound corresponds to a very specific effect. You change the sound and the entire effect is changed because mantras are nothing but systematized sound technology. So if we want to experience the fullness of the sound, it requires us to also start paying attention to the precision of sound. The more precise, the more enhanced the sound is. All right?

So just repeat it once more after me, harihi om, tat, sat, fantastic. So harihi comes from the Sanskrit root Hr or hri, which means that which removes the obstacles. Try saying that, it's quite fun, hri, lovely. So harihi is all that removes the obstacles within our being, in our lives. Harihi is anything that contributes to that removal.

Om, as we are familiar with that sound, is like becoming or holding that entire space of vibrations in potential, in an unmanifest form. So harihi om, this remover of obstacles, om, tat, sat, that truth. So that truth is the remover of all obstacles. The more we connect with that within, the more liberated we are from any kind of difficulty that we are faced with in life. The way I like to do it is by repeating it at least three times, so harihi om, tat, sat, harihi om, tat, sat, harihi om, tat, sat.

And the fourth time, just say harihi om, and in your mind do the tat, sat, okay? So once, I'll make you repeat after me, harihi om, tat, sat, harihi om, tat, sat, harihi om, tat, sat, harihi om, lovely, okay. So I'll chant it in a particular melody and follow after me, harihi om, tat, sat, harihi om, tat, sat, harihi om, tat, sat, harihi om, lovely. So next we are going to do the same chant with a particular action, indicating the three levels of our being. So the first level being the physical, the ground level, so you would point towards the earth, and then tat, sat, reminding yourself of that deeper truth which is at the core of your heart.

So with your palm facing the heart, do tat, sat. And then the second level of truth is at the subtle level, and that I would do by pointing towards or at the shoulder level. Point your hand at the shoulder level, and then tat, sat, again touch your heart. And the last time, towards the sky, harihi om, and then tat, sat, again remind yourself of that truth in your heart. And finally, bring both hands to your heart and sing harihi om, and in your head to the tat, sat, alright?

So we'll do this exercise with the actions and the melody, and I'll take you through it. So point to the floor and sing harihi om, harihi om, in your heart, tat, sat, at your shoulder level, harihi om, at your heart, tat, sat, towards the sky, harihi om, at your heart, tat, sat, bring the hand to your heart, that is up, harihi om, and silently, tat, sat. You're with me, now let's do it together. Harihi om, tat, sat, harihi om, tat, sat, harihi om, tat, sat, harihi om, and you can do it with the other hand. Harihi om, tat, sat, harihi om, tat, sat, harihi om, tat, sat, harihi om, lovely.

So what I like to do with this particular mantra and chant is also to do it in a particular cycle which I find makes it more powerful and deep as an experience. So we would start by chanting it softly and slowly, increase space and volume and then slow it down and also soften it and then repeat the whole thing in a whisper and then silently in one's head but continuing with the actions. Alright, we'll try that out. Let's go slowly and softly first. Haryam tat sat, haryum.

Haryam tat sat, haryam tat sat. Haryam tat sat, haryam. Louder and faster. Haryam tat sat, haryam tat sat. Haryam tat sat, haryam.

Hariyom! Hariyom! Dat Sat! Hariyom! Dat sat! Hariyom! Dat Sat! Hariyom! Hariyom! Dat Sat! Hari Om Datsat Hari Om Datsat Hari That's it, Hariyo, that's it, Hariyo, that's it, Hariyo. And then silently. And just to close the practice once more slowly and softly. Hariyo, that's it. Hariyo, that's it, Hariyo, that's it, Hariyo.

Let these sounds connect you to the deepest truth of your being. Hariyo, that's it.


Debra D
Beautiful. I love the calmness and the delight of this mantra and the accompanying movements. Thank you so much dear Anuradha for your teaching 🕉
Anuradha Choudry
Dear Debra , thank you very much for kind appreciation. This is indeed a very simple yet profoundly transformative mantras. Wishing you great joy as you connect to the inner light & truth :)
Hoda G
Hari Om Tat Sat!
Excellent explanation and demonstration as to arriving at the Higher note from the more subdued start. I felt lifted and also Lighter.
So today I stay with Hari Om Tat Sat...
Anuradha Choudry
Dear Hoda, I personally also find this a very powerful chant that can serve to reconnect us to the depths and heights of our essential Being.. OM! .🙏 
Hoda G
Hari Om has a healing vibration within me...healing in my connection to the Divine. Hari Om Tat Sat, Hari Om.

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