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Welcome to Tantra

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Dr. Robert Svoboda welcomes us to this season of Tantra. In this series we will explore an introduction to some of the most common principles and practices of this ancient path through talks and meditation practices.
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Aug 14, 2017
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Namaste and greetings. This series is an introduction to tantra. Tantra is a subject that, in my opinion, has been widely misunderstood in East and West alike. So this is an attempt to try to provide some of what I have understood about tantra in a way that hopefully other people can understand as well, to provide an introduction to some of its principles and a few of its practices so that you can discover whether the path of tantra is one that you can profitably employ yourself. Please try it out.

If there are elements in it that are beneficial to you, please use them. Use what is useful, ignore what is not, and move forward as best you can. Namaste.


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