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Season 1 - Episode 8

Day 2: Notice the Sensations

5 min - Practice


Welcome to Day 2. Find a comfortable seat. Become aware of the sensations in the body and the movement of the breath.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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so far I like the meditation
SO happy to hear this. Keep me posted if you continue... how it feels and what develops.
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My mind just refuses to be silent. Any suggestions?
Susan, I understand. You are not alone. In my experience, the mind is almost never silent. If I experience even a half a moment of stillness, I am amazed. The thing is... you are still meditating. You are still receiving the benefits. You can use the tools (counting or naming the breath, mantras, mala beads, etc) that we cover in this and the 10 minute challenge. They help immensely. However, remember that even with the tools, the mind will spin. The practice is simply staying with it, observing the noise... and watching the breath.
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Hi Rosemary. I like your advice about not fighting the thoughts to treat them with kindness, compassion and move on. I was able to focus on subtle sensations in my neck. Namaste
I'm happy if this helped, Glenford . There is something so subtle and so powerful about "being with" what arises... rather than judging it or resisting it. So sweet that you discovered this.
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This was wonderful! Is it okay to use visualization during meditation? Like focusing on the colors of the chakras, etc? Or is that still considered to be "thoughts?"
Very good question. It's not "wrong," but it's not this style of meditation. We are practicing to cultivate a quiet, empty mind... following only the breath. Visualizations, etc are another form of content or activity in the mind- which we are aiming to release. Keep me posted on how it's developing.
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Okay perfect, thank you Rosemary Garrison ! This helps me know which direction I'm going :D
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Really enjoying this  meditation practice which I combine with Sarah Beston's 20 minute yoga flows for the perfect start to my day. I feel connected with my inner divinity and ready to face the day with compassion and love. Thanks Rosemary. Namaste 
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