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Season 1 - Episode 9

Day 3: Cultivate Awareness

5 min - Practice


Welcome to Day 3. Find a comfortable seat. We continue to cultivate our awareness towards the breath and soften the effort.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Welcome to day three of five. Just a reminder, welcome to sit cross-legged, maybe kneeling or even up on a chair. And if you're still exploring, just keep experimenting and see what works. Once you're rooted, soft gaze or close the eyes. Find your steady seat, grounding through the sit bones.

Find your tall spine and let your shoulders relax, lifting from the base of the skull and softening a little through the eyes and the brow. Gently moving your awareness through the body, noticing any areas of tension and softening a little there, approaching the practice with as much ease and kindness to yourself as possible, softening the effort. Letting your awareness move to your breath and just notice where the breath is landing in the body, the quality of the inhales and the exhales, and the pace, the rhythm of the breath, and with so much space, so much patience, simply observe the fluctuation of thought. Letting it pass without attaching, without resisting, just cultivating awareness. And then drawing the awareness back to the body and the breath.

Thank you. And the thoughts simply float by like the ripples of the river and the awareness stays with the body and the breath. If the eyes are closed, gently let them open. You're over halfway there, beautiful work, and I look forward to seeing you for day four. Have a nice day.


Kira Sloane
Loved the "ripples of the river" imagery today, Rosemary. I felt caressed and fluid. xok
Rosemary Garrison
Mmmmmhhhh, thank you. So glad to know you're sharing in this...
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These are beautiful practices, and their brevity creates a wish for more. Thank you.
Rosemary Garrison
Love to you, Lori.
Ruth E
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I did it! Thank you so much for helping me to find relaxation. Namaste.
Rosemary Garrison
Brava! It's my pleasure. So happy if it helped...
Laura M
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So great!!
Rosemary Garrison
Thank you, Laura ! Happy to hear this. Did you finish day 5? And are you considering moving on to the 10 Day Challenge?
Glenford N
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Beautiful way to start the day. I am creating a space within where I can go with my breath and body with ease grace and kindness. Namaste.
Glenford N
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A truly blissful experience where I can connect with the ocean within  and my inner source. Looking forward to to the 10 by 10. Namaste.
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