10-Day Meditation Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 11

Day 3: Label Your Thoughts

10 min - Practice


Welcome to Day 3. In today's meditation practice we will explore a technique where we begin to label our thoughts. Stay with it, you are doing great.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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This is so helpful. The "labeling" of thought patterns effectively gathers the repetitive thoughts into a net that can then be gently swept on past. (Mine is most often "worrying.") Thank you, Rosemary.
Yes, exactly. It's a simultaneous acknowledgment of them... and a releasing of their overwhelm. Sometimes, when we can simply identify what is happening, we can put it in perspective and see the mind games/ fear patterns/ etc for what they are. Yes. And love to you.
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Also "planning" and "controlling." And hearing specific music in my head. Busy little monkey. :)
So many monkeys! With so much energy! ; )
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With all this talk about monkeys in the above comments; I feel like must have a jungle of them in my head. I can't keep them calm and in any order. So I find myself constantly figitting to find some calmness and order. This is way harder than I had expected but am determined to stick with it!

Thank-you Rosemarry. I feel this would not even be possible without your guided step by step meditations to help work through the challenges. It feels like your holding my hand blazing a path through the unfamiliar crazy busy jungle.
Audra, brava for sticking with it! It really isn't easy... you are not alone. We can keep on holding hands together through the jungles! Keep me posted on how it develops. And enjoy!
Hi Rosemary
Not able to play day 3. Any ideas?
Hi Maggie , could you try logging out and logging back in? That should fix the issue. If not, please reach out: support@yogaanytime.com. Best, Sarah
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A good exercise in letting go of my thoughts and any attachment. Coming back to the breath and the body gives me calm and perspective. My breath really slows down- there's no effort - but I'm still alive. I try to take this ease and grace into everyday life. Namaste
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Thankyou Rosemary, I am loving this challenge and finding it no challenge at all, so today I smiled all the way through it. Feeling more positive afterwards.
Grateful, Amanda.

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