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Season 1 - Episode 14

Day 6: Just the Breath

10 min - Practice


Welcome to Day 6! Today we focus in on the sensation and flow of the breath. Notice the sensations of the body, mind, and heart while sustaining awareness on the breath.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Welcome to day six of ten. Let's drop right into a comfortable seat. Rest the hands, close the eyes or soft gaze. Small spine, soft shoulders, trusting yourself to settle into the seat that works for you, starting to recognize how that feels when you land there. And then let the awareness observe the thoughts, let the awareness observe the physical sensations in the body, let the awareness observe the movements in the heart, any emotional sensations.

Noticing body, mind, heart rise and fall, noticing gently while sustaining your connection with your breath. Feel the quality of the air as it enters the nostrils and leaves the nostrils. Maybe observe the temperature shifting from the inhale and the exhale. Seeing the breath enter and move through, then leave the body, simply observing that constant flow. Thank you.

Thank you. Thank you. Just the breath, the felt sensation of the breath. The thoughts will be there, that's just kind of what the mind does. Emotional sensations will be there, and sometimes the emotional sensations will be there.

Sometimes they'll be strong. The practice is allowing all of that, not resisting it, not attaching to it, as noticing and allowing, and returning to the breath. Emotional sensations will be there, and sometimes the emotional sensations will be there, not adjusting to it, not adjusting to it, not adjusting to it, not adjusting to it. Emotional sensations will be there, and sometimes the emotional sensations will be there, not Thank you very much. Drawing it back over and over again, just drawing it back.

When you notice the awareness has drifted, let it go and come back. Don't waste a single moment judging or evaluating. Drop it and come back. Just the breath. Over and over again.

Gently merging, if the eyes are closed, let them open. Continuing from your meditation into the rest of your day, your evening, slowly and mindfully. I look forward to seeing you for day seven. Namaste.


Jenny S
Why am I locked out of this?
Sarah Beston
Hi Jenny , have you joined the challenge yet? As this is part of a 10-day challenge, you will need to begin the challenge first and will receive one new video every day. If you've already joined the challenge, make sure you are signed into your account to access the videos. You can access the challenge here: https://www.yogaanytime.com/show-view/120/Yoga-Show-10-Day-Meditation-Challenge
Jenny S
Yep, joined the challenge the first day it came out, have done each day's meditation and was supposed to be able to view episode 6 this morning. (And yes, I'm signed in). The episode is locked for me, although on the main page of this challenge it indicates episode 6 is next for me 🤔. Good thing Jasmine Tarkeshi has a new show up today...lots of meditation and some breath work in her show made up for me missing out on Rosemary day 6...

Meanwhile, I'm pretty sure this is something on your end, because I've been watching/doing other classes on your site today. Hopefully this gets straightened out...I LOVE the meditation challenge!
Sarah Beston
Hi Jenny, Thanks again for reaching out. We are looking into this now and hope to have a resolution to this as soon as possible. I will keep you posted! Best, Sarah
Jenny S
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Just got home, and I'm unlocked! Thanks Sarah!
Rosemary Garrison
So sorry about the technical issues today, Jenny. Glad it got resolved! And thanks for your understanding. I'm thrilled to hear you're enjoying the challenge. Shine on!
Rosemary Garrison
Thanks for all your help, Sarah.
Kate M
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The breath. So simple, yet it's all here. Manifestation and dissolution. So intimate. The mystery breathes us.
Rosemary Garrison
Again, so beautifully said, Kate. Thank you for your reflections.
Kate M
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It feels very good to return to these, Rosemary. I find them very calming to back to in the evening.
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