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Season 1 - Episode 15

Day 7: Just Allow

10 min - Practice


Welcome to Day 7. Today we will tune into the sensations while allowing the inhales to be organic and the exhales to be a sense of surrender.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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Welcome to day seven of ten. Find your seat, soft gaze or close your eyes, resting the hands and settling in. We'll wait on the sit bones, slight lift of the center, tall spine rising energetically through the crown of the head and finding some release through the eyes, jaw, neck and shoulders. Let your awareness encompass your thoughts, your body, your heart, wide and spacious. And then feel the movement of your breath, tracking your exhales, breathing all the breath out and then simply allowing your inhales.

Watch that inner play of breath. Focus on the exhales. Like each one is a little surrender, a little release. And then notice how your inhales occur organically, like your life effortlessly filling you up again. Don't have to do anything.

Don't have to do anything. Don't have to do anything. Don't have to do anything. Don't have to do anything. Don't have to do anything.

Don't have to do anything. Don't have to do anything. Don't have to do anything. If your awareness has followed a particularly compelling train of thought, notice, let it pass, come back. If some tension has crept into the body, notice, see if you can soften, if there are strong waves of emotion, allow them with compassion, let them move through and return to your breath.

You're still there in this, you know. You're still there in this, you know. So, I'm going to get ahead on what happens. You You You You Continue To exhale Emptying the body of breath And watch how the inhale fills you up again Allowing The breath in Allowing your life in You You You You Consider deepening your breath a little As you make the transition Out of your meditation Into your day your evening Letting the eyes open if they're closed and slowly transitioning Beautiful work. I will see you for day eight


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Each one of these practices is like a cave filled with gemstones, waiting to be found, revealed. Thank you so much, Rosemary, for this incredible resource. Love.
Rosemary Garrison
You are ever so welcome. If you don't already write poetry, please do! I always treasure how you phrase, experience, share things. Love to you.
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This is exactly what I need right now. Such a blessing. Thank you. I will be back in Ojai for Hallowe'en...can't wait.
Rosemary Garrison
Thank you, Lori. Can't wait to have you back in Ojai. You've been missed.
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Thanks a lot ! I really appreciate the way you are teaching. I just have still many difficulties to let go due to some physical pains...so if you have some advices for me ? Thank you !!! Nadine
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This is my favorite one. It speaks to a mystery yet to be unraveled. The allowing has a pulse all its own. Nothing to do but continue the dive. Thank you, Rosemary Garrison Love
Rosemary Garrison
It's the skull pants- they inspired me. ; )
Honestly, thank you beautiful Lori. Yes, agreed. When we can surrender to the mystery and keep diving in... so much peace follows. Love to you.
Rosemary Garrison
Nadine, So sorry for the delayed response. I would suggest re-visiting some of the opening asana practices to help prepare you to sit. Have you tried them? And if so, are they helping at all? Let me know what the specific pain is... and perhaps I can offer more helpful suggestions. Take gentle care, R
Glenford N
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Beautiful practice. Thanks Rosemary. I realise that I don't control my life or my body. When I get out the way, it runs smoothly effortlessly and with grace. Namaste.
Rosemary Garrison
Yes! This theme of realizing we are never truly in control is coming up so strongly lately. I love hearing your experience with it. Here's to effortlessness and grace.
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