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Season 1 - Episode 16

Day 8: Deeper Layers

10 min - Practice


Welcome to Day 8! Find a comfortable seat as we move through this ten minute meditation together to observe the deeper layers of the breath. Keep coming home to your breath.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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Welcome to day eight of 10. Let's drop right into a comfortable seat. Don't gaze or close the eyes and rest the hands. Listening to the body, making any adjustments you may need. As you learn your aligned seat, tall spine, and then simply softening around the central channel, let the awareness observe the thoughts, let the awareness observe the thoughts, let the awareness observe the body, and let the awareness observe the heart.

Seeing it all, the thoughts, the physical sensations, the emotional waves, to rise and fall, remaining connected to your breath. So that the breath becomes this beautiful tether to your awareness. As you move into deeper and deeper layers, the breath travels with you. And if at any point you feel you've lost your way, it's as simple as coming home to the breath. Thank you.

you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you you simply being present for whatever arises trusting yourself your awareness your breath to hold steady and allowing whatever is there whatever is there, to simply be there. you you just this just this breath just this moment just this moment sustaining this awareness as you gently transition from your meditation if the eyes are closed, begin to open them and gently transition into your next moment. We'll see you for day nine.


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Something in this particular practice has pierced a layer that, thus far, is but a swirling, nebulous, chaotic landscape. This is where I will stay and breathe. It may be a while. Thank you so much for your quiet, formidable suggestions.
Rosemary Garrison
You are so very welcome. Thank you for diving in with me...
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liked the idea of ones breath accompanying oneself in the practice (if i heard correct!). thanks again.
Rosemary Garrison
You did hear correctly! And I'm happy if this helped... it's good to have assistance as we enter the mysteries.
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Thank you so much for these wonderful practices, Rosemary Garrison . I have been listening to one of them nearly every day as an adjunct to my personal morning meditation practice, and each time hear something new that helps me refine, enhance, and go deeper. Lots of shantis to you.
Rosemary Garrison
Thank you, dear Lori. What a gift you are.
Glenford N
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Feeling very peaceful and as if I have connected to an energy source which is all knowing and loving. This is big stuff. Thank you [Rosemary for guiding me on the journey. Namaste.
Kate M
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This challenge has been a great way to introduce an evening sit into my day: something I've been thinking of doing, since I established a routine with a morning sit. Bracketing the day... 
Glenford N
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I loved the beautiful pace of this practice and the words just this breath. So calming so soothing allowing me to sit with my thoughts and allow them to disappear. Namaste.
Glenford N
Combing your meditation with Sarah Lowe's 20 minute flows for the best of starts to my day. I'm finding it easier to deal with the stresses and demands of the day by using your techniques. Namaste.
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