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21-Day Meditation Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 15

Day 3: Sensing the Subtleties

20 min - Practice


Allowing for 'what is' is a key piece of the meditation experience. Today, lets become more familiar and sensitive to the energy within the body. Stay present and observe without trying to change anything.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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Wow! This is a great practice Nikki! Love that I can do it at home.
I have been meditating for about a year. My my first yoga teacher suggested that I meditate at home, I didn't know how so I bought a book. Then I found someone who taught meditation at a yoga studio and attended meditation classes weekly. At this point I meditate with several Buddhists groups and have read many books on meditation. And I thought I knew how but I have been learning a lot during the meditation challenges and I have learned even more in just three days from your challenge. Looking forward to learning even more techniques as I progress further in the 21 Day Challenge.
I am very very exited. I just received my mala in the mail. Don't know how to use it but ready to learn thank you very much.
like curtis, i've previous experience of yoga and meditation but i'm finding this series really deepening my learning - i really like the way the yoga and meditations are structured and nikki's delivery is so well balanced for me at this time - many thanks
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thanks again for this practice - still seems fresh
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Day 3 felt like I was making a deep spiritual connection. I do a 20 minute yoga practice with your colleague Robert Sidoti which prepares me for your beautiful supportive meditation followed by prayers. The 21 minutes felt like 10 today. Mind clear emotions steady and energy lifted. Namaste

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