21-Day Meditation Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 28

Day 16: Immerse Yourself

20 min - Practice


There are many paths to the same destination. In an effort to help us get clear on the technique that works best for us, we explore another mala mediation practice working with the mantra hamsa. Notice the effects.

Although a mala is not required for this practice, it may be helpful to have one.

What You'll Need: No props needed


I finished the challenge already and I cam meditate by myself but I really enjoy picking out certain days in the challenge and meditating along with you.
I finished this meditation challenge it seems about a month ago but I still enjoy coming back to certain days in the challenge and practicing with you. The only thing I don't like now is that 20 minutes of meditation is not nearly long enough now so I suppose and can start doing it twice.
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My mind was wandering so I had to bring ir back to Hamsa mantra several times., gently and softly. It worked. Another small discovery on my journey of meditation and inner knowledge. Thanks Nikki. Namaste.
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I find it hard to do Hamsa with Ham on the in-breath and Sa on the out-breath. It feels like it should be the other way around. Funny! For me the in-breath is cooling - the sss-sound, whereas the out-breath is warming - the h-sound.
It felt pretty much the same to me today, but I was having trouble getting to sleep last night, so I started Hamsa and I think it only took about 5 rep and I was out. Also, being 73, I find that words float away from me. Today, my word showed up in my meditation

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