21-Day Meditation Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 30

Day 18: Peace

20 min - Practice


Working with the mantra Om Shanti Om for the second day in a row, we tune in and notice the vibrations and invite in a sense of peace and calm.
What You'll Need: No props needed


Been meditating for a relatively short time (a year). Tried to meditate consistently. Have read lots of books, meditated with different groups, teachers and used videos to learn more. At times in the past because of busy schedule, I have missed meditating some days. But now during your meditation challenges, my meditation practice is just where I want it to be. You have answered all of my lingering questions and I look forward to my daily meditation now. I may have to miss something in a day but it will not be my meditation. Thank you for these challenges. Looking forward to the rest of this challenge.
Curtis this is what we hoped for when creating this challenge!!! ❤️
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another great practice - i really identify with curtis's comments - i feel a definite move from 'i should meditate' to 'i want to'.
Matthew !! excellent- this positive habit is taking root!
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I'm doing these at night, and sometimes (like tonight!) I really started to sink into sleepiness. So I would keep saying the mantra, but move my arms up and down in synch with the breath for a few beats until I felt awake again. Challenging when you're sleepy...
Starting to realize that my mind is meeting my para sympathic (maybe spelled wrong) side.  and the peace comes from this part of me. My hope is that the two sides can meld together, and my anxiety will lessen
For some reason, I did 18 twice. The river had moved on and when I stepped into it again, it was deeper, more universal, more meaningful more connectiveness to all. 

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