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Season 1 - Episode 30

Day 18: Peace

20 min - Practice


Working with the mantra Om Shanti Om for the second day in a row, we tune in and notice the vibrations and invite in a sense of peace and calm.
What You'll Need: No props needed


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Welcome to meditation number 18. We're going to repeat Om Shanti again today. So let's begin by getting set up. Have your mala beads nearby. Of course, if you're not using them, totally fine. You'll repeat the mantra in your mind, you know, without the actual movement of the beads. So sit comfortably eyes closed. Fine tune your body, your alignment. From the base to the top, set yourself up for physical ease. As usual, check in with those little pockets of gripping. You know yourself, the places you hold, remind yourself to soften. And then how are you today? How are you on the inside emotionally? What's going on? What's present?

I think that can be one of the biggest challenges really in a meditation practice, is knowing there's some emotional intensity in there and not really wanting to feel it. So give yourself the space, notice what arises, whatever it might be, just allow for it. Gets to have its own place on your meditation cushion. And same is true of your mental state and the quality of your energy. And then the breath is such a great resource.

Not only is it obviously connected to our mind state and emotional state and energy state, but it's also a little more neutral. And we can just notice what the breathing is like. Now that we've established that presence on the inside, let's move into the mantra. So using your beads, starting at that first bead, reminding you presence and that very reverent feeling tone. Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om.

So you really are experiencing each round of the mantra, Om Shanti Om, grooving your mind along this particular vibration. Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om. Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om. Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om. Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om.

Sometimes it might begin to feel a little bit rote. That's the case. Just pause, have a moment, a breath. Re-align your mind and your heart and then continue with the mantra, Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om. Really aligning yourself with the vibration of peace. Om is the cosmic sound of the universe.

Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om. Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om. Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om. And of course when you've made it all the way around one time, keep going, go back to that first bead, Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om. It's almost a little bit of a reset and you've made it all the way around once.

Re-commit, mind and heart, Om Shanti Om. Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om. Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om. Check in with the physical alignment of your body now. Sit tall if there's any collapse, align those areas where you might slowly bring the tension back in, soften and relax, om shanti om.

And notice if the pace of your movement around the mala has increased. Notice that you slow it down a little bit, more pause, more time, each repetition. Om shanti om, om shanti om. So you're just slowing it down slightly, if it feels in any way speedy. Om shanti, om shanti, om shanti om.

you you you Keep moving along your beats Hearing that inner sound once again physical check sense your body make necessary adjustments let go of any building tension and just maybe five more minutes of your meditation Om Shanti Om Notice the energy quality especially as you're nearing the end of your meditation it's been quite a bit of time now on that same inner sound noticing the energy quality you you you These last few moments stay present with the mantra keep bringing full attention to each time you touch the beat Om Shanti Om Om Shanti Om Sometimes it's challenging towards the end to maintain that steady focus keep bringing it back you you you you releasing technique releasing the mala pausing to observe exactly how you're feeling taking note of the benefits or the changes or anything that you associate with this meditation you And then let's bring it to a close hands together at your heart Namaste And I'll see you tomorrow I'm excited to share another mantra with you and this one a little bit more extended a little bit more complicated maybe and I'm guessing you haven't practiced this mantra before so I'll see you for day 19 tomorrow


Curtis Hamilton
Been meditating for a relatively short time (a year). Tried to meditate consistently. Have read lots of books, meditated with different groups, teachers and used videos to learn more. At times in the past because of busy schedule, I have missed meditating some days. But now during your meditation challenges, my meditation practice is just where I want it to be. You have answered all of my lingering questions and I look forward to my daily meditation now. I may have to miss something in a day but it will not be my meditation. Thank you for these challenges. Looking forward to the rest of this challenge.
Nikki Estrada
Curtis this is what we hoped for when creating this challenge!!! ❤️
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another great practice - i really identify with curtis's comments - i feel a definite move from 'i should meditate' to 'i want to'.
Nikki Estrada
Matthew !! excellent- this positive habit is taking root!
Kate M
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I'm doing these at night, and sometimes (like tonight!) I really started to sink into sleepiness. So I would keep saying the mantra, but move my arms up and down in synch with the breath for a few beats until I felt awake again. Challenging when you're sleepy...
Sara S
Starting to realize that my mind is meeting my para sympathic (maybe spelled wrong) side.  and the peace comes from this part of me. My hope is that the two sides can meld together, and my anxiety will lessen
Sara S
For some reason, I did 18 twice. The river had moved on and when I stepped into it again, it was deeper, more universal, more meaningful more connectiveness to all. 

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