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Season 1 - Episode 31

Day 19: Om Shiv Gorak Yogi

20 min - Practice


Today lets look at another mantra, one that is mostly likely new to you and radically different: Om Shiv Gorak Yogi. We connect with the tradition of Nath Yogis in this mantra meditation practice.

You may want to have a mala for this meditation practice.

What You'll Need: No props needed

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Hi, Yogis. It's day 19, and I'm really excited to share a new mantra, a very special and important mantra with you. It's a little more extensive. I'm betting you haven't heard it before. So I'm going to guide us inwards and kind of get us set up and focused and calm and prepared, and then I'll speak a little bit about the mantra, and then we'll actually begin the mantra. So find your seat, take your support, whatever you need, however you're choosing to position your body. As always, go for comfort. Don't want to be struggling with, you know, physical stuff tugging at you. So take what you need for today, and then close your eyes, and begin that kind of fine-tuning process of checking in with your base, making sure everything feels supported and stable and pain-free in your base. And not only that, but again that quality of descending, your roots, your meditation roots, anchoring you down. Earth element stability. Align your pelvis, which as I've talked about many times before, helps you to establish the natural curvature of your whole spine. So the pelvic bowl level and balanced. Top of the sacrum moves a little bit forward and in, and then you find that lift. Sit nice and tall, chin parallel with the floor, so all sides of your neck and your throat, whole cervical spine is balanced. Right away, checking in with tension points, shoulders, jaw, eyes, belly, hips, wherever you often notice gripping. Now choose to relax those spaces. And then that refinement of going further inwards, okay, my body's aligned, body's prepared, now what's happening at that level of emotional and mood, emotional content? It's my mind state like today, right now. It's my energy like as I sit, become quiet, sensing energy body prana. And then the breath, kind of more, I think of it as a more neutral check-in point breath. How does your breath feel? So just settling into this quiet space as I tell you just a little bit about the mantra. So we've done om, hamsa, soham, om shanti om, all mantras you've probably heard at some point. We're moving to a slightly longer mantra and a mantra that comes from the tradition of nath yogis. And the mantra goes like this, om shiv gaurak yogi. I'll say it again, om shiv gaurak yogi. I want you to say it out loud yourself now. Om shiv gaurak yogi. So we all know om, cosmic sound of the universe said to be the vibration of everything at its core level in the universe. Shiv is Shiva, supreme consciousness. Gaurak stands for gaurak nath, the founder of yoga, but also said to be Shiva, the founder of yoga, and yogi. Om shiv gaurak yogi. So this is really in a more tangible way linking you back to the original yogis. Tying you into a specific tradition. Om shiv gaurak yogi. So it's almost like becoming a part of the family. So let's begin the practice. I want you to take your mala. If you're not using one, you'll just repeat it quietly in your own mind. Those of you using the mala, place it on your lap, starting with that first bead. Make more reverence, more feeling tone, really maybe than you've had the whole meditation series. You're linking back very specifically, not in a general way like om or soham or hamsa, but in a very unique way linking into the order of nath yogis. Om shiv gaurak yogi. Let's begin. Om shiv gaurak yogi. Moving along your mala beads, this one will take longer.

Om shiv gaurak yogi. Om shiv gaurak yogi. Om shiv gaurak yogi. Om shiv gaurak yogi. Om shiv gaurak yogi.

Om shiv gaurak yogi. Om shiv gaurak yogi. Om shiv gaurak yogi. Om shiv gaurak yogi. Om shiv gaurak yogi.

Slowly along your mala. Full attention, full mind and heart as you chant. And observe the feeling tone, energy quality of this mantra. What are you feeling? What are you feeling? What are you feeling?

What are you feeling? Take your time, be to bead, om shiv gaurak yogi. Om shiv gaurak yogi. Remember your spine, stay lifted, om shiv gaurak yogi. Moving much slower because the mantra is longer.

Keep tension to any building, tension anywhere, shoulders, belly, jaw, relax. Om shiv gaurak yogi. Om shiv gaurak yogi. Om shiv gaurak yogi. Keep coming back to that inner sound, om shiv gaurak yogi.

Any sense of being wrote about it or even being a little bit distracted as you go, bring all attention and energy back. Om shiv gaurak yogi. Keep going around the mala. If you've completed one cycle, begin again. Om shiv gaurak yogi. Om shiv gaurak yogi.

Om shiv gaurak yogi. If there's any posture, if there's any sinking, any collapsing, our last few moments, keep that in our left, stay soft and relaxed. Last few moments of om shiv gaurak yogi. Om shiv gaurak yogi. Om shiv gaurak yogi.

Om shiv gaurak yogi. Okay, so releasing the mantra now, and the mala, pause to check in, noticing anything and everything, your experience of this new and I think radically different mantra, just self-observation. How do you feel? What was that like? Let's bring it to a close, palms together at your heart. Namaste.

And thank you for meditating with me. And I would love, love, love to know how that went for you. Was it challenging? Was it easy? Did you struggle with remembering the mantra? Did you feel a shift in energy? Did it feel sacred to you? Let me know. And I'll see you on the mat tomorrow.


Curtis Hamilton
Forgot correct sounds of mantra at one point. Sometimes moved mala beads at wrong time. Lost concentration. Could not hear my heartbeat at times. But it was ok to me. I think I just need more practice.
Jenny S
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Ok so this one really worked well for me. Having more to remember actually helped to control my wandering mind. Plus, it's a gorgeous day here in Connecticut, so the window is open, the birds are singing and there's a soft breeze - I'm sure this helped! One more thing, when we finished, I was at exectly the last bead of one cycle...lucky 108! I think the rest of the day will be a beautiful one ๐Ÿ“ฟ ๐ŸŒฌ ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป
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good sitting with this today. felt steady and full even as drifted off a couple of times. your intermittent voice was a good prompt to return to the mantra. many thanks.
Chrys M
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I really enjoyed this one. Actually it was my favorite. I felt a very subtle swaying sensation, which was really pleasant. Thanks Nikki!
Kate M
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hmmmm... I found it difficult to connect with this mantra. I feel that I just don't know enough about this particular lineage? So there was resistance.
Jeanna L
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This one helped me slow down ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿผ
Celia E
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Loved this one. It slowed my breathing right down and softened my energy. I took exactly 108 beads to say my mantra. Perfect. It resonated so well. I thank you. ๐Ÿ™
Catherine G
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I definitely feel this mantra is very special, and it felt not easier because for me meditating is never easy, but I was more able to be in the moment and less mindless. Thanks Nikki!
Nikki Estrada
Catherineย awesome! love that you were able to get into it.ย 
Catherine G
Nikki this was a fabulous 21 day, is there another sequence of meditation i could follow next?
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