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Feeling Alright: 30-Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 3

Day 1: Spinal Wake-Up

20 min - Practice


Tune into the sensations in the body. On this first day of the challenge, we awaken the spine before moving into our dynamic go-to flow to warm and energize the entire body. We finish with some sweet relaxing and releasing. You will feel open and ready to continue on with the challenge!

Please see attached .pdf of the Opening, Middle, and Closing Sequences, along with a complete list of sequences to follow along.

What You'll Need: Mat, Block (2)

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Excited to wake up to a 30-Day challenge in my inbox! Loved it! Perfect unwinding and opening sequence. I feel alive and ready to fly into mid-winter. Thanks, Rob!
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Thanks this was perfect start after holidays , see you tomorrow!
Heeeey Scuba Chick!! Welcome aboard this flight into ‘mid-winter’! Happy Holidays and an awesome New Year to you!!
Hello Pia:) Happy Holidays to you, happy to have you here with us!! Don’t hesitate to message or comment anytime throughout the Challenge ✌️🙏🏽
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Thanks Robert! Great for my post flight back.
Good to know you're 'feeling alright' after your flight Dawnie :)
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That was really cheerful! I have been away from practice for a few months, due to readjustment to a new working schedule... and laziness and discouragement! That was just the right length of practice to feel meaningful but not too onerous. My shoulders and back feel better already! Thank you for this encouragement to return to practice on the cusp of the new year.
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your instructions are perfect, so relaxing not having to constantly watch the screen. looking forward to the rest of the challenge x
So happy for you to be back on the mat Emma ... it doesn’t take much to start to feel better! Great way to start the New Year! All my best to you as you embark on this challenge and 2018!!
Awesome, so good to hear Anita 🙏🏽✌️ I’m sure as this specific challenge progresses, you’ll be less and less engaged with me and the screen and more into your own experience on the mat and in your body:)
Wishing you a beautiful 2018!!
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