Feeling Alright: 30-Day Yoga Challenge

Robert guides us in a fun and rewarding 30-Day Yoga Challenge with 20-minute practices each day to help build strength, flexibility, and confidence in YOU. Throughout the challenge, we will work with a variety of Opening, Middle, and Closing sequences so you can begin to explore which patterns feel best in your body. Listen inward and begin to trust your own practice.


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Is it ok for beginners?I'm very very tight.
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Dearest Pietro M., Welcome! Yes, Robert's accessible, groovy style is appropriate for beginners. If you discover you want to move slower, you might check out some of his Level 1 practices in Season 1 of his show, Keeping it Real or some of the practices with Alana and Emily in Too Tight to Stretch. Glad you are here. Stay close. xo kira
I've just logged on for the first time this year and am SO excited to see this series. Just the motivation I need for my practice...thank you
Hi @ Robert this is my 2nd 30 day challenge with you - I'm excited to learn more, feel better about me. Looking forward to Day 2 before work tomorrow. Namaste!

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