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Season 1 - Episode 66

Nathan's Personal Practice

20 min - Practice


Deven's personal practice on November 2, 2017. We provided a mat, a quiet space, and 20 minutes to each of our teachers to use for their own personal practice. The results became this show, Our Practices.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Mar 08, 2018
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Our Practices - Season 1

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Watch Nathan Practice.
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Nathan's Personal Practice
Nathan Briner
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20 min
Our Practices
S1 - E66
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Great to watch how you enter and come out of the headstand. Also doing backbends with the chair...it's been a while since I've done that. Thanks for sharing.
PS I wonder if these are your favorites and/or daily poses.
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Christel I do enjoy these poses very much. The backbend with the chair is such a nice way to get the opening of the spine and chest while having the support to stay for many minutes. Regarding my favorite poses, my commitment to certain poses shifts as I learn how to more accurately perform them. Meaning, once I understand a certain movement or action more deeply, certain poses will start to become very attractive and I’ll find myself working there for a while until a new depth of understanding is discovered and then other poses begin to call.
That said, these two poses do make their way in often :)
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I thank you for your response.
Your explanation of the poses, in your videos, allows for more depth and understanding that I find I need now as I get on in years and want to continue without injuring my joints. So I appreciate you sessions for that.

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