The Sweet Heart Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 8

Day 6: Empowered Heart

45 min - Practice


Invite empowerment in so that you can live from the heart. Today, we will move through a spicy practice to strengthen the core and expand through the chest and heart. You will feel empowered, brave, and free.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket


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So much more than I could actually do, but love the challenge and guidance forward, something to look forward to!
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Hi Wendy I think its great you are challenging yourself and accepting where you are now is where you are now...who knows whats in store in 6 months from now!
Thank you, lovely ending, it's taking me a longer than 10 days to do the challenge but I'm getting there!!!
Hi Helena Stay with it and do it whenever you can, its just dedicating yourself to finish it thats the most important part of the challenge...thanks for being with us!!
Sweet and juicy! This is really getting to my heart! Thank You Wade!
Hi Martha Yes! Glad you are feeling it, share that with the people around you too!!
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Enjoyed the physical but the spiritual and emotional benefits are what I feel and react to the most. Today I'll be channeling love to the people who challenge me because if you can love them unconditionally you can love everyone. Thanks Wade.
Share the love Glenford !
Another ace practice thank you each one physically and spiritually building taking something forwards to enrich each moment ...
Hi Joanne I'm glad you are feeling the benefits of both, win-win!!
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