The Sweet Heart Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 9

Day 7: Unconditional Love

45 min - Practice


With devotion to the love of the mother, we explore fluid rocking movements to create ease and spaciousness in our flow practice today. We get deep into the hips and legs.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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Thank you for this nurturing practice. It’s as if the universe (and you!) knew exactly what my body, heart and brain needed today 😍
Hi Jenny oh wow that's great, I love when that happens, I think it really means that 'you' were tapped into the Flow of life and at the right place and right time to have the experience...wish I could take credit, that's all you, but happy to be a part of it!
Some daysI can't make it until the very end of the day....I don't like to miss out on my daily practice although there are days when there's no way around it. Your teachings are mellow and fine for the end of the day with your soothing Mr. Roger's like voice for yogis. Thank you for the wonderful sessions.
It's great the way you transition into Kapotasana. It allowed me to get deeper into the pose. Love all these nuances to the poses, keeps it fresh.
I enjoy these practices. I've had a lat/ tricep/ side body discomfort for months that I was having a hard time ridding. This challenge is helping alleviate it. Thank you! :)
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HI Christel Great to hear from you and glad you are connecting with the variations, the Mr Roger's voice comment is cracking me up... I have to share this with a few of my friends because it will bring a smile to their face!
Hi Shelley Im glad this is helping! I get tension in that area a lot when Im swimming daily in summer..have you tried any one arm hangs with slight side bend on a bar (you should be able to have your feet on the ground) this one is so great for creating space...hope it helps too
Perfect. Truly the sweet heart. Thank you!
Wendy only 3 more challenges...are you ready for it to end? :@
End? Nooooooo! Already thinking of the next time through, and how much better I’ll be! Love this practice with you.
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