Practice with Patricia Artwork
Season 2 - Episode 3

Scapulae: Altar for the Heart

30 min - Tutorial


In this tutorial, Patricia explains the anatomy of the shoulder. With the help of Alana, Patricia demonstrates how to locate and identify the scapulae and explore range of movement. She shares exercises to awaken, stabilize and strengthen the rib cage, shoulders, and arms to allow for more freedom in the heart.
What You'll Need: No props needed

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Loved this - going to watch over and over again. Have been on a deep dive into the magic of the shoulder for some time and this was terrific - I so appreciated having the model of the shoulder blade at the beginning of this video for visualization. Thank you!
Anne, so happy you're finding this one useful. The shoulder is a complicated joint and tuning in to it can really help balance and support the heart space and head.
Thank you Patricia, this has been so useful to me. Beautifully explained, you are a wonderful,... wonderful teacher.
Thank you for your comment from July 10 on the "Altar for the Heart" - Thrilled that it's been useful for you! Sending love, P
Namasté. What a wonderful practice. I like to explore my own shoulder blades and didn't realize how thin the shoulder blade is. I love the idea of holding my heart with my shoulder blades "the heart altar". Also the circles for and back. What was the right name? Was it Padas wheel? Thank so much and Happy Easter. Silke
Hi Silke, I don't remember what I was calling the wheels in that session. Pada refers to foot or feet so I don't think it was Padas. I'll go back and look at it sometime and let you know. Namasté!
Love this one. Do it three and four times a week and my D.O. remarked how much my posture has improved!!
Love this one. Do it three and four times a week and my D.O. remarked how much my posture has improved!!
Yes, Elizabeth, this one will improve the posture if done correctly and frequently enough - which apparently you are. Brava for you!

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