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The Savasana Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Day 2: Exhale Everything

20 min - Practice


Building on the skills from Day 1, today we explore gentle movements with the breath with an intention of becoming more intimate and comfortable with the bottom of the exhale. Together we explore a five-minute guided savasana.
What You'll Need: Mat, Square Bolster, Blanket


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Hi Alana. Trying to find the bottom of my exhale was an unusual feeling. On the second attempt during bridge, I experienced a strange rising in my lower abdomen and a sense of spaciousness. An interesting sensation. I'm learning to observe my breath rather than controlling which requires a new level of letting go. Almost dissolving into my breath. Namaste.
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I love this! This is definitely getting saved in my favorites as a pre-bedtime practice. Thank you!
I had a savasana miracle, Alana!!! THANK YOU for this practice. LOVE you!
Kelly Sunrose - WOW Awesome!! Where's the button for showering rainbow sparkles, hearts, and unicorns? Love xoxo
Exquisite insights, Glenford. Thank you for sharing your discoveries in the subtle realm. Stay with it. Namaste, Alana
Sarah - Wonderful to hear. Yes, pre-bedtime is a lovely time to practice this. May it invite you into a peaceful deep rest state. Enjoy! Alana
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I found when I did bridge pose and the breathing I had a wonderful deep relaxing stretch in my upper back my shoulders are always very tight and sticky.
Hi Jean, So glad you are here with us! What a wonderful insight, observation, and feeling. Yes, the upper back and shoulders can get very tight and sticky, especially from sitting, computer work, and stress. Rolling down from Bridge on the exhale is a lovely way to help release tension and relax the diaphragm. Nice work! Warmly, Alana

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