The Heart's Delight: A Summertime Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Day 3: Fluid

45 min - Practice


Welcome to Day 3! We play with fluid movements, strong standing postures, heart and hip openers, and spinal twists to create space and detoxify the body and mind. You will feel fluid and free.

Want to practice with music? Click here for the playlist that goes along with Day 3.
What You'll Need: Mat


I loved the fluidity and gentle motion of this practice. It seemed to flow perfectly and keeping things moving kept me energized. I usually really dislike pigeon pose but holding it for an extended amount of time forced me to face it and allow myself to breathe into it. Lotus mudra makes me smile. Great 3rd day!
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Awesome, Paula Marie! I am so happy you enjoyed the fluidity of Day 3. I can totally relate with pigeon pose and often find myself wanting to get out of it - I love that you were able to breathe into it. Stay with it and let me know how Day 4 goes!
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Loved loved loved this one! I loved the pace of this fluid practice. My favorite of the challenge so far and it’s only day 3! Can’t wait for days 4 and 5! Also loving the Spotify playlists - music that makes me smile. Thanks Sarah!
We are loving the sessions! Each day better than the last! Thank you
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Peaceful warrior, peaceful yoga teacher, guiding always giving options...beautiful! Great flow, got me moving into the day.
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So happy to hear Marlo and really love that we can practice together even being thousands of miles apart! Sending love to Costa Rica from Boston! Warmest regards, Sarah
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Hi Kit & Dee Dee, I'm so grateful to be practicing with you both and glad you are enjoying the challenge! Hope you are staying cool and enjoying the holiday! Happy 4th of July!
Hi Christel! Congratulations on making it through Day 3! Sending love, peace, and happiness your way from the hot east coast! All the best!
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Hi Sarah. I loved your " Waters of the heart" and strived for a freedom and letting go during this ballet-like practice. I closed my eyes to really feel the movements instead of thinking about them. Challenging, Yes, but very rewarding. Really connected with those subtle movements during pigeon pose. A shame its only a 5 Day Challenge- more, please. Namaste.
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I am so happy to hear, Glenford! I really love closing my eyes during my own practice as well - turns the gaze to the internal space and really allows me to listen in. Congratulations on completing Day 3 and let me know how Days 4 & 5 are for you! All the best!
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