The Savasana Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 3

Savasana Shapes Tutorial

20 min - Tutorial


Alana provides a tutorial on five possible shapes of Savasana (Corpse Pose), guiding us into each of them to experiment with what may feel best in your body.
What You'll Need: Mat, Chair, Square Bolster, Blanket, Strap

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What a lovely challenge this will be! When I first began yoga, I loved the beautiful guided savasanas my teacher would lead us through. Later, when I began my home practice, I started to feel antsy during final rest and eventually started skipping it altogether.

Flash forward 20 years and I now savor savasana! I make it a bit of a ritual. I like to rub a few drops of essential oil on my temples (rosemary is my favorite for this), put on an eye bag to block out the light and also to give my brain a sense of grounding. Sometimes I even place a sand bag over the top of my thighs if I really need an additional grounded feeling. If it’s chilly, I love to tuck a blanket all around my body, especially my feet. 5 minutes minimum! Older and wiser 😌
Hi Jenny - How could I have missed seeing your wonderful sharing?! So true! I know for me it's useful to reflect on how my yoga practice has evolved over time. Older and wiser is right! Sounds like you've created beautiful rituals for yourself in Savasana... treating it with respect and reverence. Thank you for your presence on the forum. xoA
I teach seniors in chairs what do you recommend for savasana. I usually just get them to sit back in the chair with chin down
Lorraine, Winnipeg, canada
Hi Lorraine, So glad you're here! I love that you're teaching Seniors! This is such a great question. If you have access to a blanket for each person, you might have them rest a folded blanket on their lap (right up against the hip crease / lower abdomen). Often the extra weight can invite the nervous system to relax and settle. When leaning back in the chair, if their feet don't touch the floor, you might try a bolster/pillow/block under the feet for grounding and support. Do they take their shoes off or leave them on? OR depending on how active your Chair practice has been, you could lead them into a more attentive, upright meditation for Savasana (with a foam block between their upper back and chair for postural support) for a guided relaxation. Please stay close and keep me posted. Love, Alana 
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I love the supported relaxation as it helps me to let go more easily than in the traditional savasana pose. I also love the prone version. It really brings the breath into the back body, so often forgotten. Thanks a lot for the savasana course, it is very inspiring and helpful, and it offers new perspectives on the savasana pose, also for those of us who has been practicing for many years!  I feel so inspired to give savasana a higher priority in my practice now. Love from Norway.
Ingunn, I am so happy and touched by your comment. Thank you for sharing  your experience and insights. It reminds me that even after years of practice, we can fall in love again and rediscover the magic of Savasana and Yoga. So grateful for your presence here. Love, Alana 

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