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Yoga as the Science of Inner Transformation Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 3

Day 2: Why Transform?

60 min - Talk


Do I breathe or am I being breathed? We begin Chapter 1 in meditation bringing our awareness to the mystery and movements of the breath and mind. In Chapter 2, Ravi explores a talk on transformation—why it is necessary and what makes undertaking transformation so difficult. We conclude in Chapter 3 with an invitation for reflection on the breath and the obstacles to transformation.
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Nov 02, 2018
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The main obstacle for me would be, I think, a lack of focus. I have a tendency to want to go in too many directions at once... The breath focus definitely counteracts this tendency.
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The main obstacle for me is that the compass needle is drawn in so many directions. I know the work God has called me to do and I have been working very hard at it. It makes me so tired. I have felt integration, but it is not something I have felt for daily life. I want to shed layers and I feel like the compass needle goes crazy once I meditate-- so many things pulling me in my quest to do God's work. By the way, I am so grateful to hear not just Yoga philosophy, but Christian, Buddhist, and Greek as well-- thank you!
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Thank you for the multi-discipline approach - the takehome for me here was accepting mara as part of my duality and working with it, or rather getting it to work for me. My main obstacle would be following through on my intention/commitment (planning and discipline).

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