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Yoga as the Science of Inner Transformation

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Gail Thompson
I am really enjoying these talks and this course. Thank you Yoga Anytime and thank you Ravi Ravindra for sharing.
Alana Mitnick
Hi Gail Thompson, So delighted that you are here and enjoying Ravi's course. He is a real GEM and brings these ancient teachings to LIFE in a very tangible and digestible way. Stay close. Love, Alana
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I am grateful for this first course I've completed. There is so much wisdom I've gained, plus subtle yet powerful prompts for me to struggle internally and become a better human being. Most especially, thank you Ravi Ravindra for truly being a "radiant sun" that shines a path for beginning searchers like me.
Alana Mitnick
Marco, thank you for being here! I am so delighted to receive your message. I feel the same way. Grateful to be in these teachings together, with Ravi as our guiding light. Warmly, Alana 

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