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Yoga as the Science of Inner Transformation Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Day 5: Quality of Perception

60 min - Talk


We open with a meditation to tune into the feeling of gratitude before exploring awareness as the mechanism of transformation. Ravi speaks of the importance of cultivating the quality of perception and of finding ways to strengthen the seer. We begin to explore samadhi and the kleshas—looking at why we stay attached to our own suffering and how yoga is the breaking of the bonds of this suffering. We finish with a homework assignment to reflect on the lessons.
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Nov 02, 2018
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Thank you, Kira, for getting these lectures recorded. They are wonderfully helpful in the journey of "self-inquiry" / "Svadhaya". Gems to come back to again and again. I very much like the chosen format of beginning with a seated practice of dharana, then progressing to a dharma talk.
Kate , I am so happy you are here with Ravi. He has been my teacher for a long time. I so love his quality of investigation. Thank you!
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Kira, thank you for making Ravi’s talks so accessible. And to Ravi for making his journey toward awakening so accessible to fellow seekers.

On a technical note, the slight rewind after a pause helps me to return to the exchange. I would also find it helpful to have a 10-15 second rewind/forward option. This way some of the quotes, ideas, stories might be easily repeated and reinforced.

At any rate, thank you again for making these very high quality videos of such important work.
Hi John, just wanted to make sure you knew of the "10 second" rewind button on the lower left of the video screen. Screenshot attached below. I will certainly pass on the suggestion for a forward option as well. All the best, Sarah
Thank you. There it is.
Am I the one who is looking or am I the one being looked at?
Great question. 
The unknown is factoring in my life at a very high level. My tendency is to respond on the level of the problems around me. To change perceptions of the problem requires profound work. Thank you for putting this into words. St Catherine Monastery is still alive and it’s vibration is most certainly affects the environment around it. Thank you.
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I am very grateful to Sri Ravi for this thoughtful talk.  His words from Socrates -- 'You do not know therefore you are free' is a real eye-opener.  This gives completely a new perception to the unknown.  Thank you once again.  Namaste. 
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We agree, Devi! Thank you for being here. Love, Kira
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Thank you for this offering - there are so many questions arising from it, awareness is so key.  And I agree about the format being so helpful, the meditation, accompanied with the suggestions is actually a lot more "meditative" than some silent meditation...not too long / not too short, and always profound and you feel the power of sangha, even if it's virtual !

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