Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Day 3: Inner Listening

30 min - Practice


Feel into your power. In Day 3 we listen inward to set an intention before moving into a fluid practice of sun salutations, balance transitions, and warrior postures to find strength and stability in the legs. You will feel clear and strong.
What You'll Need: Mat, Strap

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Started Christmas Day off right with this shiny happy practice! My intention was “have fun” 🧤🧣🎄⛄️
Jenny !! Love that~ a worthy intention for certain! Happy Holidays! 🤩
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A perfect practice to start my New Year. Setting an intention and being still and silent with it. I so enjoy the way you instruct and construct the poses. I am looking forward to the month. Peace and Blessings! Happy Healthy 2019!
Tracy welcome to the challenge and Happy New Year!!! So glad you are a part of it!
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Lovely practice again thank you.
Con gusto, Gabriel! Happy practicing :)
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I love those little insights, words of wisdom, you share during the practice. They are priceless. And so much love. 8 never done my practice with so much gentleness inside. Probably that's why I've never been looking forward to one. I do with you. Thank you. Also I find that I want some more detailed asana explanation (I know about most the ones here, but if I didn't I would have been doing it not so right).
Nadia Thank you for this wonderful feedback.. that is always the interesting part of sharing yoga to me~ how to teach the "yoga" part and not just alignment. Sometimes I approach guiding practice from a purely alignment/ physical asana explanation of each posture and transition which is very important foundationally, and it is equally important to allow the shift from outer to inner to defrost and dissolve into a wider and deeper perception of the practice. It is a fine balance to do both without exhausting our students with too many mouthfuls of instruction/ words while allowing some spaciousness for digestion ;) If you have specific questions on alignment of any asana in particular, just message me and I am happy to give more support and notes here! Much love
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I am really appreciating the intelligence of the progression of sequencing from day to day. You make it gentle, yet challenging, and lots of fun : )
Kate hello! So nice to read this, I’m stoked to hear you already feel the progression. We will continue to unfold, repeat, add on, keep sharing your feedback and any questions... how’s it going?! My best 🤩
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