Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 18

Day 15: Playful Flow

30 min - Practice


Congratulations on making it to Day 15! Inspired by our inner child, we move through a playful flow of various shapes to find fluidity, ease, and exploration. You will feel like a child again.
What You'll Need: Mat

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OMG Summer is a rockstar! 🎸💥 That was so much fun AND I broke a nice cleansing sweat. I’m looking forward to doing classes with Summer on Yoga Anytime in about 15 years or so!
Jenny Hi there! Riiiight?! I concur.... and this is the mellow version of her sequence... she will be so happy to read this today after school, thank you! Have a great day!
Summer you are awesome!!! Thank you and your mom!!!
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Thank you for sharing your daughter's creation with us today on the mat! She has her Mom's creative fun spirit! Awesome imaginative flow Shelley Williams and Summer! :)
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Mozart wrote his first Symphony at eight, Summer is in the same league in creating this beautiful flowing practice. So talented, so young. Really enjoyed the playfulness of the movements and the floor poses. Thanks Summer and Shelley. Namaste.
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Well I'm 60 years older than Summer and I managed to do it. Some poses are a bit tricky but I tried Summer. Thank you.
Alexandra We are glad you liked it!!
Tracy She has a wildly imaginative side to her, especially with movement! Thank you for your nice words :)
Glenford She will be delighted to hear this, thank you! Perhaps we will work with some Mozart for musical inspiration when we make our next sequences together :)
Susan Well, I usually keep the language clean around my littles, but occasionally I will let this one slip, and it seems apropos for here because Susan you are a badass. And I mean that in the most positive, best way! Love your enthusiasm...
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