Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 23

Day 20: Beautiful Day

30 min - Practice


It's a beautiful day for some yoga. In Day 20, we root in our commitment to our practice and work on progressions of earlier practices with twists, balancing postures, and revolved poses. You will feel reawakened.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Strap, Block (2)

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Yummy twisty goodness...I loved the standing balancing twist sequence...I think I must have needed it because I was wobbling all over the place at first and I had to dig down and free up my mind from all the clutter. From there, I moved through the practice in a meditative state. So lovely!

My only complaint? I don’t want to be in the “home stretch”. I so look forward to this practice with you every day!
Jenny Hi Jenny! You are progressing...I can tell by this comment~ "digging down to free up your mind from all the clutter". THAT is the yoga.... Wow, DAY 20! Can you believe it? You can always repeat this challenge, or certain practices, and we have a few other seasons on Yoga Anytime (and I hope more to come!). I think you may be the first student to complete this challenge (as far as I know with comments...) so CONGRATS! You are ON it!
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Not trying to compete, just loving your teaching style and the joy you bring into each practice...true confession: I believe I've done all the remaining yoga practices and seasons you have here on Y/A...I am so thankful for Yoga Anytime and constantly refer all beings I come across to your site. What a Treasure Trove for a mere $18 a month. The cost of ONE yoga class in a studio. Such a Blessing!
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Shelley, this class in particular made me feel like I was in the studio with you...loved it! My only complaint....I’d love to see classes 60-90 min in duration as at times I’ve noticed it can take me 10-15 mins just to get into the ‘yoga state of mind’ (being at takes longer than a neutral space like a studio alongside fellow yogis ).....and then the sadly class sadly completes just while I’m getting a full rhythm going!
Jenny Hi Jenny! That is such a glowing referral and compliment to both me and of course this fantastic resource site Yoga Anytime...I feel so honored to be a part of it, truly. Thank you for spreading the word! xo
Beth Thank you for your kind comments! I agree...I love the longer "deep dunks" into the practice, and there are many options on the Yoga Anytime site for longer practices with many teachers. It seems that online resource sites such as this target the shorter practices in their offerings bc quite often if folks have time for a 60-90minpractice, they will go to a studio. But regardless, a nice option with these shorter practices for now would be to double or triple up practices within the same time frame (even though I know it lacks the continuity and unfolding of a fully well-rounded full length practice.) I will pass along your suggestions to the powers that be :). Happy practicing!
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Loved this one too. Thank you. I agree with Beth though. I am starting to really miss and want more options on Y.A. for longer practices . I live remotely so, for me, it's not that, as you state in your comment above "folks that have time for a 60-90 min practice will go to a studio". I think that's a misconception and generalization. For me, it's distance from a studio and the cost of joining/attending a studio that are limitations. I am dedicated to practicing yoga, but will have to find a way to get longer classes into my life (here or elsewhere).
Elissa Beth ! We're listening! We're hearing you! Will make more longer practices. xo Kira
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So glad to hear it, Kira!! Just as Elissa has constraints to make it to a studio, so do only opportunity to ‘take care of myself’ is to fit these amazing classes in after the kids go to bed. I do need to try other instructors on yogaanytime, but I must say I feel I’m not missing out at all when taking Shelley’s classes online vs in a studio. They’re so masterfully done and her passion and energy comes across just as compellingly as in person.
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Beth and Elissa, I welcome your thoughts on what kind of longer practices you seek. Do you know your preferred physical level of difficulty? Would you like meditation weaved in? Would love to hear about some of your wishes. Call out the teachers you would like to see too. Love K
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