Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 33

Day 30: We Made It!

30 min - Practice


Welcome to our last day together—we made it! We begin standing and flowing together through Sun Salutations and balancing postures before closing with juicy and grounding restorative postures to soak up all the love. Congratulations!
What You'll Need: Mat, Square Bolster, Strap, Block (2)

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I just can’t believe this is over...I’ve looked forward to each and every day and can honestly say I’ve loved every minute of it, even the challenging bits. Thank you Shelley, you are a wonderful teacher and a beautiful soul. 💕💕💕🙏🏻
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I second that 100%
Jenny !! You did it! You did it! Huge congratulations to you, and thank you so much for all of your kind, supportive, sweet comments and for showing up to this challenge fully. Please do keep in touch, if you go to my site (currently or leave your contact info and I can keep you in the loop {with infrequent email} for retreats and happenings~ come join! In the meantime, I hope to continue to see you here at Yoga Anytime. Happy New Year and Super Lunar Eclipse Moon, this is the start of a great year. Hugs to you and Namaste!! 🙏
Lauri Congratulations to you as well, how good does an accomplishment like this feel? I hope it feels wonderful, and please do keep in touch (see my note above to Jenny ) and Happy 2019 and Full Moon Love to you!! Namaste~ 🙏
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Thank-you Shelley! This was such a great help to me at this time in my life. I appreciate you!
Hi Bridget ! Woot Woot! Huge congrats to you! How great does it feel to complete this.... So wonderful, and I hope this focus, strength, flow, flexibility, ease, and joy you find continue to support your path. Much love~ Namaste!
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I did it! Thank you Shelley for this challenge. I really enjoyed it! The variety of the daily practices really made the time fly and I can tell you put a lot of thought and effort into designing the progression of the challenge. I'm going to miss it!
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I agree with all the other yogi comments. Shelley Williams this past 30 days has been challenging and restorative! The practices were easy to follow and your teaching was superlative! Thank you! Peace and many blessings! Aloha...… Namaste! :)
My wrists are stronger & I made it thank you so much
Congratulations to you, Ted! How wonderful... I am so happy for you, and impressed by your consistency, heart, and progress! You can repeat the challenge (if you miss it) and always reach out to say hello! Thank YOU so much for being a positive part of this experience 😍
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