Awaken to You: 30-Day Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 31

Day 28: Stay the Course

30 min - Practice


We are so close to finishing and are in this together! In Day 28, we revisit familiar patterns with a fluid mandala namaskar, exploring circular patterns around the mat to cultivate energy and intention. You will feel inspired.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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Super grounding and comforting. I feel held and safe. Namaste Mwah 😘
Jenny !!! You are THERE! Great consistency, and holding you from afar, sister :)
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Hi Shelley! I'm still with you! Thank-you for your energy. This has been beautiful.
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Hi there. I'm still here too. I enjoyed this grounded, roundabout of a practice with juicy side body attention and blissful moments of stillness
Hi Bridget! Thank you for the check in, and congrats on making it to Day 28! SO Awesome...
Hi Elissa! Thank you for letting me know, so happy to see that you are fully making it through the full challenge :) Glad you liked this practice ... xoxoxo
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Cannot believe day 28! Still here, still grateful, and feeling stronger in mind and body. Lovely practice and thank you!
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Lovely practice with fluid movements and interesting twists and turns. What I'm learning about myself on the mat, is being translated into the journey of a beautiful New relationship. Thanks Shelley. Namaste
Hi M Angela ! You are at day 30 by now, yes!? Congrats on your consistency and sharing that you feel the result of the progression... so fantastic!
Hola Glenford! Elegant as always, brother... thank you for sharing xo
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