Enjoy Yourself Summer Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 4

Day 1: Simple and Sweet

30 min - Practice


Soften and return to simplicity. In this sweet practice we throw it back to the basics with foundational movements and shapes. You don't have to do much to feel really great.

Today's reading: The Joy of Being a Beginner Yogi.

What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket, Block (2)


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Aaahhh, nice and simple...seems like the perfect approach to a summertime practice. No need to rush, or to get overly heated up. I imagine I’ll be coming back to these classes even after the challenge is finished, to get some sweet yoga in on even the hottest of days. It’s a great concept to remember to be easy on oneself and reap the benefits. 🌞🏖
This simple easy practice helped calm my monkey mind
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Perfect to stretch and move without having to go hard or fast after a long day of work, thank you
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Lorraine so happy to hear this! Its a challenge for me too, but I love to hear that this practice helped you experience more calm. Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to hear what you think of the next few days of the challenge! Look forward to hearing in the forum 💕
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Chelsea, oh this is exactly what I’m using the practice for too! I had an 11.5 hr day. I love that’s it’s a nice and simple 30 minutes! The next few days pose slightly different challenges but I love being able to come back to this practice for tough days, because we all still need yoga on those sort of days!! 
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Thank you for practicing with me, Steph! Namaste
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I loved it! Thank you for the peaceful practice and for the beautiful message at the start. It was great!
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Leah thank YOU for practicing!! I hope you’re enjoying these classes ☺️
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Natalya so happy you had a great class! Excited to hear what you think each day. 
This was a perfect start for me, after being away from yoga for a while.    Very peaceful, simple,  relaxing .  Thank you for a wonderful practice!
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