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Season 1 - Episode 2

Meet Quinn

10 min - Special


Quinn is an athlete, activist, and yoga teacher. A 100-foot fall on October 11, 2017 in Yosemite resulted in paralysis from her waist down. Quinn fell from the Nose of El Capitan, a route that she had set the speed record on in 2012. While Quinn’s activism has shifted from the preservation of the outdoors to promoting collaborative research on spinal injury recovery, and the mechanics of getting her outdoor stoke on have changed, as she puts it, “yoga has been here the whole time.” You can begin to meet her humor, honesty, vulnerability, and bravery here.
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Sep 01, 2019
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Thank you, Quinn, for sharing your reality with us. For me, it feels like it is opening up new possibilities of connection with differently abled folks whose realities are kind of mysterious to me. I realize of course that every one's story is entirely unique... I think more of these stories need to shared, be heard. May your actions inspire this to happen. Powerful video.
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You've got an important role as you model how, in spite of physical limitations, so much is possible.  It seems this is a great need and can make a big difference in people's lives.  Not too many years ago I was looking for this very type of class for one of my loved ones.  Thank you for your teachings.

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