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Season 1 - Episode 11

Core Sequence

15 min - Practice


Zoe and Coco begin with a pranayama practice to warm up our core before moving into a sequence of both seated and standing postures focused around strength and stability in the belly.
What You'll Need: Mat, Block

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Mar 18, 2015
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Hi everyone so today we're gonna do a core sequence and usually when we think about the word core I think most of us are just like I can do that another day thank you so but let's commit we're in it now so we're gonna just need a little block a skinny block and most of the time we'll be using the skinny block between the inner thighs just so we can really squeeze in and engage the inner thighs and we're gonna begin just sitting on the block actually or any stable seated position that you have and you're just gonna have your hands on your belly you're just gonna roll your shoulders back and actually I think this might be an even more comfortable way to sit so we're gonna come into kabalabati which is the scowl shining breath and it's a really good way to get your core all warmed up we're gonna try our best to just stay still with the body and relaxed and when we're breathing out we just want to have the mouth closed and to breathe out in short quick spurts so so at the end you want to have a longer breath and then just breathe in normally again and just return to a normal breath so we're gonna be doing this together and you can just follow me you can just let your eyes softly close so breathing in breathing out breathing in halfway and then just taking a break breathing normally and then again breathing in breathing out taking half a breath in and then just resting in your normal breath we're just gonna do one more round of this so breathing in breathing out half a breath in and then just letting your breath come to normal for a couple more breath great and then we're just going to come off the block and we're gonna come to facing the wall you're going to take your hands behind you and take your feet into the wall so your shins can just be parallel to the floor and we're gonna take that block and we're gonna squeeze the block between the thighs with your hands just kind of gently hold on to the back of the thighs and just lift up through the chest so we want this the whole time and to press the balls of the feet and the heels into the wall so you're gonna inhale and you're gonna lift up a little bit and then exhale you're just gonna bring your arms over here so inhaling lifting up through the arms whoops so that's gonna happen so that happens it's okay so again just lifting up through the chest extending through the arms we're gonna inhale here exhaling we're just gonna move back and you might find that when you move back your upper back tends to round in that case keep that lift and keep pressing into the wall so again inhale lifting up exhale just gently moving back and inhale gently moving up exhale gently moving back so actually I've done quite a few years of this and my legs still wobble so if your legs wobble that means you're normal so press your feet into the wall inhale lift up exhale let's move on back and then inhale moving up exhale move on back very nice let's just do maybe a couple more but to the side so inhale moving up exhale take your hands to the left and inhale moving up exhale to your right and inhale back to center exhale to the side inhale back center and exhale to the side very nice and then exhale slowly release we're just gonna take the block with us we're gonna come to face forward Coco loves core work so we're just hi Coco do you love core work so we're just gonna come down and we're going to come into sphinx first and today you're gonna have your toes on the mat you're gonna have your heels into the wall and get your elbows to be directly under your shoulders open up through your palms press the palms in you want to feel like you're continually pressing into the mat and drawing the arms back but yet you're not really moving so it's just energy wise you want to feel that way hi Coco so Coco has this habit of being very relaxed when I am not so relaxed it's really good reminder so pressing the hands into the mat hi baby then you're going to draw the knees up press your heels back so you're taking your thighs off the mat and then you're taking your belly button off the mat and then you're gonna draw your belly button just in a little bit so no huge exertion and then pressing the heels back pressing the palms down and drawing up through the entire girdle of muscles around your core and then breathing into this so actually the key feature here is that we're gonna try to keep our face soft and we're gonna try to breathe very nice and then exhale slowly release rest on Coco hmm nice and then just a couple more times we're just gonna take the shoulders on top of the elbows drive the heels into the wall toes are onto the ground and you're gonna inhale you're gonna draw the kneecaps up and away the thighs the pelvis the belly get that all to float up imagine you stuff that block between your thighs and then imagine that block that is between your thighs is being driven back also to the wall behind you so pressing your heels back lengthening the chest forward and just breathing here see Coco's version of plank is not quite the same it looks very sleepy couple more breaths let's just keep it as relaxed as we can slowly release one last chance to get close hey very nice and then we're just gonna roll on up and we're going to come to facing the wall again so still getting your feet all the way into the wall we're just gonna lie on down roll your shoulder blades under press your feet into the wall and then we're gonna just bend the knees in and extend both the legs up so for some of you if your lower back feels not so good when you do core work you want to roll your hands under your sacrum so your hands will be in this shape under your sacrum nice and then from there we're just gonna be like in staff pose except now we have our back on the floor pushing away with the feet then you're just gonna lower your right leg so that your right leg is close to the wall and maybe a couple of inches away from the floor you know breathe there and then inhaling you're gonna bring it up getting both the feet to come together and then again exhale on the other side draw your heel down towards the floor but stay a couple of inches off the floor and then inhale coming on back up breathing into this just bend the knees in draw the knees towards yourself and then just one more time we're just gonna extend up squeeze between your thighs and then slowly drop that right heel so it's just a couple of inches off the floor and then inhale bring it back up and then exhale left leg down pushing the heel away nice and then slowly bringing it back up we're just gonna draw the knees in towards ourselves rolling off the lower back bringing the knees apart and towards ourselves and then let's just draw down onto the lower back in happy baby and then bringing the knees together we're just gonna extend the legs out one by one and just take a short little rest in Shavasana. So for those of you who can stay longer do stay longer in Shavasana and for those of you who have to go start breathing in a little deeper into your belly and just notice the new sensations that are there as a result of what each is practiced then taking your time just walk the feet in roll over towards your right and take a rest on your right then taking your time slowly coming on up and there we go that was a quick practice for your core namaste


Mary Ellen G
You get quite a workout here in a short period of time!
Zoe Ho
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Indeed Mary Ellen!! :) It was hard keeping a straight face and talking while doing core, haha! I loved your profile... happy healing
Mary Ellen G
I cant get over the little white pup doing a perfect example of downward dog on the cover of "playtime'
Thank you for your personal words of encouragement- I am very attracted to your style and energy!
Zoe Ho
Thank you Mary! You are sharing lovely energy too. We are all in community and it's wonderful to be connected :) Coco thanks you too - she does do a perfect downdog!
Tesa Urbonaite Dunn
Great practice, thank you!! It is wonderful to see someone else practice with their dog:) My pug mix rescue, Shasta, loves to hang with me while I do yoga. Like Chloe, she is also a Zen, peaceful presence in my life. Yeah dogs!!!!!
Zoe Ho
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Hi Tesa :) I agree, it is so wonderful have furry support and companionship on the mat. Awww that's a cute pic of Shasta, thank you for sharing! Coco is happy to know there are puppies out there practicing with us. How lovely!
Tesa Urbonaite Dunn
I love this practice. Perfect amount of time for core work:)
Zoe Ho
Thank you Tesa, lovely to know you and Shasta are practicing with us again :)
Tesa Urbonaite Dunn
Just so enjoy your energy Zoe! You can even make core work fun. That is true talent:)
Zoe Ho
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Thank you Tesa :) haha isn't it always funner when we are in it together?
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