Kundalini Vitality Reboot Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 8

Day 4: Immune Booster

30 min - Practice


Day 4 of your Kundalini Challenge is all about metabolic balance to help us maintain the immune system and stay healthy. This delightfully energizing practice stimulates digestion, circulation, and the thymus gland, opens the heart, and also works on spine flexibility, hip health, and a healthy happy core. Go for it, stay with yourself, and have fun!
What You'll Need: Mat

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A much-needed practice that also happens to be so much fun! (Hint: 🐘) thank you!
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I agree with Jenny. So much fun, good energy and a sense of well being with a dollop of joy!
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I was buzzing with energy and vitality, enjoying that feeling of play and adventure. Namaste 
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I loved today's practice! It was just what I needed.:)
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The seated forward fold has always been a struggle for me - my hip flexors seem to be working overtime, I wasn't able to bend forward much, and it wasn't restful at all. Do you have any suggestions for me to find more ease and flexibility in that posture? It feels like restrictions in the diaphragm and pelvis are contributing.
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Hi, Erin - Great question! Yes, forward folding is not easy or restful for us all.  I would suggest propping your hips up by placing a neatly folded blanket under your seat bones.  Place the folded edge of the blanket just past your seat bones, so that most of the blanket is behind you and your thighs are not resting on it - this will help you hinge over more easily. Nestle your seat bones down into the blanket first, reach your spine high, and then try folding over your legs any amount.  If you still have trouble, try folding another blanket under you.  You are also welcome to keep a slight bend in your knees during forward folds - including when you're standing! Let know if this helps! ❤️ 
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Thanks  a lot, I'm really grateful for your teaching :D 
Thank you! This is a great immune booster kriya for the times we live in. Grateful. 
Such a delightful, fun, invigorating practice! With gratitude.

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