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Sukhdev Jackson

Sukhdev Jackson

Sukhdev's passion is help women heal and to come back into their personal power and destiny. Having immersed herself in the Women's Kundalini Yoga teachings and pulling from the focused array she has studied from, Sukhdev was inspired to create "Shakti School" as a training for Women to come back "Into Their True Power".
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Sukhdev discovered Kundalini Yoga and meditation upon moving to Los Angeles in the year 2000. After a decade of battling drug addiction, she experienced the healing power of meditation, yoga, and prayer, which changed her life dramatically. Her newfound spiritual path led her to becoming a certified Kundalini Yoga and Meditation teacher in 2006.

The given spiritual name Sukhdev means 'Angel of Peace.'

For the past decade she has had the privilege to study extensively with Yogis, Holistic practitioners, Shamans and the Native people of the Chumash tribe. Sukhdev now travels internationally teaching and singing and sharing her inspiration through yoga, meditation, prayer and sacred songs.

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