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Season 1 - Episode 9

Day 5: Unleashing Creativity

30 min - Practice


In Day 5 of your Kundalini Challenge, we focus on one of the greatest gifts we have as human beings - Creativity. Sukhdev will lead you through the Diving for the Blue Pearl kriya to help you slow down, get quiet, and tune in to your creative abundance. Infuse your energetic practice into your entire being with the “Ma” mantra, while Sukhdev accompanies on the harmonium. You will feel enlivened, receptive, and centered.
What You'll Need: Mat

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Jan 01, 2020
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I have definitely noticed more energy since starting this challenge and more clarity. Thank you!
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So glad to hear Renee! Yes developing a daily practice and doing the daily kriyas will really give you constant energy and clarity. Keep up! 
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Every practice infuses my every cell with vitality and light. I feel connected to myself!
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Hello Sukhdev. Since you asked, I will give you my feedback. I am enjoying this exploration into Kundalini yoga. I admit feeling uncomfortable in many poses, even easy pose, but feel my body is slowly adapting and each class gets somewhat easier. I find comfort in the vocalizations, and especially enjoy the pranyama breath. I performed Reiki self-healing last night and felt amazing flow of energy, especially in the root and sacral chakras. I feel tingling with many shoulder movements after several repetitions, and feel general right shoulder discomfort which I am sure will improve. After the last class, I felt much less bloated which gives me energy. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I hope to repeat the series to continue to improve. 
Thank you, I loved this gentle practice. I could feel tingling down my arms up until the hands when they were bound together and our neck was to the chin. It felt weird but I guess the energy was shifting. It felt good to be able to do deep breaths today, thank you. 
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Thanks Sukhdev for a beautiful practice which  filled with energy, peace and clarity. I'm writing two screenplays so I need all the creativity the universe bestows. I'm enjoying the Challenge, a great way to combat the current crisis

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Thank you Sukhdev! I definitely feel more alive after I practice. I do struggle at times but I know it all is part of growing and challenging my body mind and spirit. It is helping me get through this troubling time. Peace!   :)
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I felt transported to another realm by engaging in all these amazing kriyas..
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Hi Sukhdev,  Thank you for this wonderful discovery of the powers of Kundalini yoga.  I have been practising and/or teaching yoga for almost 20 years but your practises in this challenge  take me to a new energetic level that I have not yet touched upon.  Even my dog is responding differently to me.  Interestingly I am feeling a lot of tightness in my lower chakra areas.  Is that decades of stagnant energy unraveling itself?  
Just finished day 5 and I feel totally rejuvenated Thank you 
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