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Season 1 - Episode 11

Day 7: Radiance

30 min - Practice


Welcome to the final day of your Spring Kundalini Vitality Reboot Challenge! This final day revolves around the Sahibi kriya, focusing us in on our Radiance, removing negativity, invigorating the body, and finding equilibrium in the mind and the emotions. You will feel more powerful, clearer, and vitalized, with the drive to cultivate new habits on and off the mat.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket

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Welcome to day seven. You made it. And yet this feels like it's just the beginning. Imagine if you could take these kind of practices into your life and make them a part of your daily life. This is what it is to be vital, to be self expressed, to be in balance within oneself. It takes a daily practice in this day and age that we're living in. We have to neutralize the mind. We have to invigorate the body and we get to balance the emotions. So I'm so glad that you made it through the seven day vitality reboot with me and I encourage you to just let this be the beginning. Today we're going to work on radiance. We're going to allow all this energy we've been cultivating for the last six days to just radiate out. So when your aura is strong, you attract the things in your life that you want. You attract positivity. So please let's begin by tuning in with Aung Namo, Guru Dev Namo, and we'll go into some beautiful practices today to magnify our radiance even more. Bring the hands in prayer pose. Let's rub the palms vigorously. Place them at the center of the chest. Close your eyes. Focus within. Let's take a deep inhale and exhale and let us inhale to begin. Aung Namo, Guru Dev Namo. Inhale deeply and open your arms up and wide, 60 degrees. Let's go for an ego eradicator. This is like the greatest medicine for radiance because you're working on your aura, removing negativity and really allowing yourself to live from your soul and begin. Breath of fire, eyes at the brow point.

Keep it going. Let it burn a little bit. Take a deep inhale, touch the thumbs above the head, squeeze the root lock, straighten the fingertips and let's cleanse the aura and bring the palms down. Just taking a moment of gratitude for how far you've come for the seven days and these new habits that you're implementing in your life. We're creatures of habits and it's simply that. We either got negative habits in place or positive habits and we can always change our habits. It just takes a little time and effort and discipline. Let's go for a little warm up with Sufi grinds and then we'll begin our Kriya, which I'll tell you a little bit about as we warm up so we can maximize our time. It's called Sahibi Kriya to master your domain. Again, talking about this idea of habits, which I personally like to call rituals because everything is a ritual. What kind of daily rituals are you engaging in that could really increase your vitality, your clarity, your clear communication and your happiness and your joy, which is what we all want. Doing those little things every day, trusting that there is enough time, we create the time to really take care of ourselves at this level. Circulating the energy around as you inhale forward, exhale back and let's go the other direction. It's the one thing that we do have control over and that is ourselves. We can't control anything else, but we can master our domain, which means our field, our self through our daily rituals and disciplines. Inhale, exhale. Let's bring our legs open wide and we're just going to inhale left, exhale right. Inhale left, exhale right. And let's just stretch down a little bit, see how it feels. Deep breaths right here. Just a couple of breaths and inhale up. Good. Just bring your legs straight out in front of you and let's just grab the toes and just a couple of inhale, exhale. Let's go right here. And just stretch it out. Good. Alright without further ado, let's go to our Kriya. This is one of my favorites. I told you about it, so I'm going to take you right into it. The breath is very simple. It's an O-mouth breath and you're going to inhale and exhale powerfully out of the O-mouth. So ladies, if you're on your cycle or pregnant, you're going to do this very gently or not at all. No pumping of the navel. You're just going to inhale and exhale long, deep breaths out of the nose. I also wouldn't recommend lifting the legs up. I would bring the knees to the chest, bring them up, bring the knees back to the chest and bring them down. Let us begin. Come lie down on your backs and the first exercise I would bring your hands underneath your buttocks. You're going to flex the feet and you're going to bring the knees up. Keep going. I'm just going to talk you through it as you keep lifting up those legs. Really engage your core. Feel like you're pulling up from your core. The breath is strong.

The breath is going to fuel you. It's going to give you the energy to keep this movement going. We're only here for about a minute and a half, so keep up. And if you need to modify it, it's totally fine. Do what you can. A couple more. And relax. Good. Take the hands out and just relax for just a moment. Integrating the energy, feeling it, core through your cells, your channels, 72,000 nerve endings in the hands and the feet. So what we call the nadis, filling them with prana, with life force. This is the key to vitality. Alright, let's go right into the next one. So here we're just doing the same thing except alternate leg lifts. So one at a time. Same breath. Keeping those feet flexed, as flexed as you can. One at a time.

Keep going. I'm nearly there. You can do it. Last couple. And relax.

Close the hands and open up the hands and receive the fruits of your effort. That should feel lovely. Good. Let's get on. Grab the knees to the chest, roll up and down a couple of times.

And come up. We're going to come into cat cow. So bring yourself up on your knees, hands directly underneath the shoulders. And this is a two-part exercise. We're going to begin same breath with the old math breath of fire.

And we're going to start to kick the legs one at a time behind us. Let's begin. Keep going. You want to be using your core and using also your thighs to really push up that leg. Make sure that you keep the breath strong and even.

We're not going to be here for too much longer. Try to push yourself a little bit. This is the seventh day. We want to really get this in in a good way. Keeping the head up.

Keep the breath flowing. Let's go. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, eight, nine, eight, nine, eight, nine, nine, eight, nine, eight, nine, eight, nine, eight, nine, ten, ten. And inhale. And exhale.

Just come into a little baby pose. Give yourself a little rest. Just a moment to recalibrate because we're going to come right back into that posture. Wait till you see what's next. We're having a good time here.

The body loves this kind of extraneous, quick activity. This is what really expands our aura. And when our aura is strong, there's no room for negativity to come into our field, which is our aura because we're radiant. And that's the whole science of radiance, which is essentially what so much of these tours of Kundalini Yoga are about. It's about magnifying your radiance.

Okay, I've said enough. Come back up into Cat-Cow. Watch this. We're going to do opposite leg and arm with the breath. Fun, fun.

Let's go. One, two, three. Where are you? Keep going, you should definitely be breaking a little bit of a sweat by now. Keep up, we haven't got long to go, let's do this.

Keep going, keep going, keep going. Inhale and exhale, good job. Alright good, we've got through I think the toughest part right after we get over the heel of this one. This is one of my favorite exercise and it's actually said that if you do this every day you'll never have sciatica issues. It's so simple but it is so effective.

It's called frog pose. Some of you may have experienced that before so let me demonstrate to you what we're talking about here. Ballet first position, heels are touching. Ideally you're going to come off the heels and be on the balls of the feet. The weight of the hands, the weight of the body is in the hands.

You're going to inhale while you keep your heels off the floor, straighten the legs and drop the head. And then you're going to exhale, look up and always encourage a big smile because we're activating the happy cells of the brain. So let us begin, the total count is 52 but you're fine, whatever you get done is great. I always say if you can get to 26 that's great, that's half of 52. Why don't we do 26 together?

Okay, let us begin. Now if you need to modify, just quickly show you that, you probably can't get the heels off the floor, you're just going to go like this. If you have knee issues, if you've got lower back issues, you can do this, this is great. All right, let us begin and smile, one, inhale, exhale, inhale, inhale, inhale, inhale, inhale, inhale, inhale, inhale, inhale, inhale, inhale, inhale, inhale, inhale, inhale, inhale, inhale. That's 20.

And that's 26, I think that's a good beginning. If you feel like you want to do another 26, be my guest. That was the video. Okay, let's go to the next exercise. So here we're going to sit in easy pose, make sure you're sitting on something, prop yourself up because it'll be more comfortable.

So now let us do this one final exercise. So you're simply bringing, let's bring the hands straight up above the head and on the inhale, we're going to quickly open just about 30 degrees or 60 degrees, right if 90 is here, we're just a little less than 60. So we're here. Okay, so inhale, exhale, eyes closed and focus at the brow point. Let's begin.

Exhale breath through the nose. Easy inhale, sat on the inhale, naam on the exhale. Exhale, naam on the exhale, naam on the exhale. And inhale, squeeze the root lock. Squeeze the energy through the chakras up to the brow point, hold and crystallize your radiance within your field and gently exhale.

And here you're simply going to meditate and listen to the mantra that I will play for you. If you want to sing along, please feel free. If not, just sit still and meditate with long deep breaths at the brow point. I'll just pull the harmonium towards me. Don't encourage me, let me help you.

Satsang with Mooji Satsang with Mooji Satsang with Mooji Satsang with Mooji Satsang with Mooji Satsang with Mooji Satsang with Mooji Satsang with Mooji Satsang with Mooji Take a deep inhale. Exhale. And now for the very important part of the Kriya, we're going to come lying down in Shavasana, but this is a little bit different, because you're lying down with your legs crossed. You might want to put a little bolster or something behind your back, and you're lying and then putting your hands on your heart, right palm over left, and you're resting in this very open state, receiving the blessings of your practice. Breathe long and deep and soften into this posture.

If this is a challenge for you, please modify accordingly. Satsang with Mooji Satsang with Mooji And please very gently take a deep inhale and uncross your legs and bring your knees to your chest. Remove any props and just grab the knees to the chest and let's just roll up and down a couple of times, and please come back seated to easy pose. Well, my friends, it's been so glorious to be with you in this challenge for the last seven days, and I hope that you will use these practices in your life and let them fuel you with vitality and radiance as you go out and be the lighthouse that you are. This is what my teacher would say, be the lighthouse so that you can uplift all those around you.

Thank you for participating in this, and we hope to see you very soon again. Blessings. Let's close with a long sat and a short naan. Sat Naan Blessings to all, light to all, love to all. May you be uplifted on this day and uplift all those around you.


Renee R
6 people like this.
Thank you so much for offering this challenge. So much has changed in the past 7 days and it felt so good to use this practice to care for myself and those around me. Thank you!
Jenny S
8 people like this.
It is amazing to me every single time I practice kundalini yoga, just how good I feel afterwards...if ever there was an “acid test” for this, it’s right now during this extremely unsettling time we all find ourselves in (COVID-19 for future readers). What a blessing to have these practices! Much thanks and many blessings to Sukdev and Yoga Anytime 🙏🏻
Sebnem G
6 people like this.
Thank you so much, Sukhdev. It's been such an amazing experience. At the end of these seven days, the biggest change I feel is that my heart is more open like it has never been before. Most of the poses, and the breathing, were difficult for me, but I still felt so motivated to try them and ended up doing all. In that sense, it was a very good challenge. Much love and light.
M Angela C
5 people like this.
Thank you! I consider myself a kundalini yoga novice. It a practice that I have avoided in the past mostly as I  felt too self conscious. I now  realize that likely this was the type of practice I needed the most.  What a joy to actually feel the circulation of energy within and around and the power and positivity created.  The instruction by Sukhdev was excellent and the why behind the what educated me . I shall be continuing to practice . Thank you again!
Martha K
3 people like this.
A beautiful 7 days of radiance, health, joy and positivity! Lovely! Thank you and blessed be.
Glenford N
3 people like this.
Feeling energised, radiant and glowing with vitality. I can take this feeling off the mat and Into my interactions with friends family and loved ones. Thanks Sukhdev. Looking forward to another Kundilini Challenge

Tracy S
3 people like this.
Thank you for this beautiful practice. I have loved every moment. I feel different more alive since I started this journey 7 days ago. Sukhdev you are a beautiful teacher who radiates Light and Love! Blessings to you!  :)
Elke H
4 people like this.
Thank you for being a lighthouse for us!
Eileen S
3 people like this.
Loved the practice teacher awesome very powerful practice found some of it hard but took breaks and finished not perfect but did my best  I guess the more you do it the easier it will get I think I will repeat this again❤️❤️
Claudia-Sam C
Thank you Sukhdev, it was nice to have something to come back to in times of isolation. Kundalini may not fully be for me, but I love the chanting and some of the different exercises. I am grateful. Namaste 
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