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Season 1 - Episode 4

Day 3: Mindful Awareness

45 min - Talk


In Day 3, we begin with a short seated practice to notice the arising of thoughts. John succinctly dissects the three primary elements of mindfulness (memory, meta-awareness, and heedfulness). We come to an understanding of how the effort to focus on something, to not be distracted, strengthens our meta-awareness, or the ability to pay attention effortlessly to the larger context of what is happening. Essentially, the practice of paying close attention loosens our small fixations. This allows us to become aware of what might be more important in the big picture. We close with a meditation practice.

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Jan 01, 2020
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Buddhism has travelled to many different cultures through time... and I wonder if "mindfulness" is a particularly contemporary iteration of Buddhism - ? It seems to strip the practice down to its essentials. Quite unlike Tibetan Buddhism, which, to my mind, presents as more complex, with Tara, and all the Boddhisattvas. A very rich and unique cultural expression of Buddhism...
Kate, check out the Meet John episode, he talks all about how Buddhism has transformed with every culture it meets. And this article is fantastic. xok
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Kira Sloane thank you for the links! I totally will check these out : )
Hi John.... Can I ask what the opening and closing "chants" mean? If you have the time I would be interested to know. Thanks again....Cheers!
Tracy C , I think that translations of the chants are available, but Kira Sloane will be able to answer that question better than me. If Kira has no translations, I can send some. Thanks for asking.
Hi, Tracy C! You can now find a pdf of the chants attached to each course day where John recites them.  Thank you for bringing this to our attention!  🙏 
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Hi Elizabeth, Thanks so much for the translations, Super kind indeed. May this find you well.... Cheers!!

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