Slow Flow and Meditation Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 7

Mindful and at Ease

60 min - Practice


Deepen into your breath awareness with this soft and tender practice focused on awakening the primary muscles of breathing. Move through gentle postures to open the body for meditation. You will feel peaceful and at ease.
What You'll Need: Mat, Blanket

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Loved experiencing the seated meditation during the body of the practice. This really allows for a total dropping-in, without the distraction of the brain anticipating that the end of practice is near...often in that situation my mind begins planning for what’s coming up next rather than simply being in the “now.” Also I took your advice and settled into a nice cozy savasana at the end of practice which really felt awesome today! 🙏🏻
Jenny, thank you for sharing, always! I've realized (thanks to Kira) that if I don't prioritize and give space for a seated meditation, that it usually gets squeezed in at the end... mostly because the asana feels so good. The mind is always so busy trying to run the show and anticipate what's next, isn't it?! So nice to have some quiet and stillness, even for just a few moments. Enjoy your day love! xoA
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Thank you Alana, liking the meditation early in session felt I focused a lot more on the movements as I had tuned myself into them.
Still having problems with step through, they look more like “shuffle through”
Hi Helen, Wonderful to hear from you! Yes, great observations. The "step through" or "shuffle through" is not easy and it's not for everyone, but practice helps. You might play with two blocks, one under each hand. From downward dog, experiment with stepping forward into your lunge and back to downward dog. Here's an example from Brighten Your Day (it's a spicier practice but gives you a sense of a few "drills" you might play with). Keep me posted! Love, Alana 
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I'm in love with this series! And the meditation in the middle was a great idea!
You are a wonderful teacher and I look forward to practicing more of your classes.
Hi Jenny, Thank you so much for joining me! So delighted to be practicing Yoga together. Stay close. Love, Alana 
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I found this practice so nurturing. The meditation in the middle was wonderful.
Ali, So lovely to hear! May we discover these moments of meditation and Wonder throughout our day. Love, Alana 
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Looking for a practice with you today. This one called out. Thank good!
Oh so good to hear from you, Traci! I'm so happy that you got your practice in! I was just thinking about you this morning as I was watering the garden. Sending love xoA

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