Summer Ayurveda Yoga Challenge Artwork
Season 1 - Episode 6

Day 4: Surrender to Awaken

60 min - Practice


Immerse yourself in this soothing restorative practice to regain balance. For Day 4 we slow down, taking time to complement the heat and dryness of summer through relaxed and cooling movements. Weaving together mind and breath to mobilize Prana (life energy) into the deeper more hidden “Yin” regions of the body will keep you cool and calm. Our Guided Loving-Kindness Meditation is directed toward All Living Beings.

Your Self Care Homework Challenge for Day 4:

Layer in an evening foot bath and five minutes of legs up the wall to help you grow your evening self-care routine, and prepare you for a great night sleep.

What You'll Need: Mat, Square Bolster, Blanket, Block (2)


Lovely, nourishing practice, Melina : )  A wonderful counterpoint to the heat we're experiencing right now, which can be draining. I will totally try the cool foot soak tonight. I tend to experience hot flashes a fair bit when trying to sleep. Perhaps this will help : ) Many thanks.
I really enjoyed this nourishing practice. I have been sleeping outdoors in the hot weather but was disturbed by rain last night, so was a bit groggy this morning. I definitely benefited from a still practice!
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Wow! I really wish I had taken this challenge back in June. It would have saved me a lot of grief. This surrender practice was so delicious. I feel like a new woman! These practices are especially needed right now with the recent heat wave and fires in California. I'm excited to see that youre based in Oakland. When we're able to go back to the studio, I may stop by as a fellow East Bay resident. Thank you!
I'm in Portland, OR and  really appreciating this 5-day practice to help me through the forest fires and indoor quarantine that we're now in.  Thank you!
My heart goes out to you in Portland and everyone on the west coast dealing with the raging fires! I'm in Oakland and we've been having terrible air here since last week!!! Grateful these practices are valuable to you while your stuck indoors. Let's keep praying for the rain and an end to the fires. 
Thanks for this great practice, Melina! Kind regards!
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Have a great summer Sandra, thanks again for watching the show!
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Thank you Melina for this wonderful yin class. I really needed this after going, going, going all summer. I felt a huge emotional release and sense of calm much needed. 

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