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Season 3 - Episode 2

Welcome to Season 3, Parents!

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Kids, like all of us, have to navigate stress and their own emotions. Yoga offers a toolbox for kids to begin to understand how they feel in their bodies and become self-aware of their emotions. Betsy invites you to engage in these practices with your kids, connect, and have some fun!
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Dec 03, 2015
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(waves splashing) Hi. I'm so glad that you've chosen yoga for your kids. I've taught yoga to children, teenagers, for many, many years and over the years I've noticed how yoga, especially for the mid-range kid, can really help the child develop relaxation, peace, ease, as well as flexibility, strength and balance. We all feel stress and we all have emotions. So yoga's an excellent opportunity, and what a tool box for a kid to explore and notice how his or her body feels, how he or she feels every day, and then noticing how the yoga transforms us.

So please share these practices with your children, with your students, and report back. No wrong answers. And enjoy them, play with them, have some fun. Thank you.


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